Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Little Britain First

If you've been living under a rock ... or are a clueless foreigner you would not really know much about Britain First. The Facebook memes that tell you to LIKE and SHARE if you support veterans, or are against animal cruelty seem harmless enough and have fooled many a veteran loving American.
The truth behind them is that they are a hateful shit stirring group much in the vein of the BNP who are similar to Neo-Nazis and the KKK .... we ain't against black people, we just want America white, and Christian.

Britain First are very good with the media saturation which gets helped along by morons clicking LIKE and SHARE without checking their sources.

 Collecting money in an unofficial capacity.

Former BNP golden boy Jim Dowson started up BF along with it's current front man Paul Golding shown above. Dowson has also set up other groups including the Protestant Coalition and ones against abortion.

Dowson seems to have a pattern with joining groups, seeing what he can get then leaving, in July he announced his departure from BF saying that Golding was too extremist for him and invading mosque and confronting average Muslims wasn't very Christian and was quite rude .... this from Dowson who has never minded being rude before.

BNP, Britain First, The Protestant Coalition all seem to attract the same kind of people and those people also support UKIP. Right wing blamers who want to milk the public for all they have. Buy membership or a polo shirt with our logo (not made in Britain) so we can afford to not get jobs and run around like dicks causing trouble.

  The Royal British Legion do not support Britain First.

The right wing parties always try to cash in on the veterans, they never join the army but they've met some that have. In Manchester a young cadet lad was attacked by someone wearing a hoodie, they ran up to him, tried to use a can of deodorant as a flame thrower then ran away ...?????  This was all BF needed to insist on protecting poppy sellers from evil Muslims. 

Very convenient wasn't it?  

So BF members or supporters send in pictures of them bravely guarding the poppy sellers. Yes, this lad looks so tough no one would dare attack those cadets, away over there in the background. 

Nothing gets past the ever alert Britain First warrior .... unless he has to pose for a picture to show how tough and committed he is. He won't even buy a poppy, he'll just stay hidden in the shadows, up a flight of stairs waiting to pounce .... unless he's taking a picture.   

No Muslim is going to sneak up and buy a poppy or maybe a pencil on his watch.  

Even Paul Golding turned up to have his photo taken guard the sellers. Exploiting veterans and now exploiting cadets. You can see him flashing the peace sign, he likes to think of himself as a Winston Churchill except Churchill would have thrown the likes of him into jail as he did with that British Nazi Oswald Mosley. 

These people are nothing but bullies, the type that don't like to be questioned for if you do then yer obviously one of the enemy. I haven't LIKED the Britain First Facebook page though I have LIKED two of the parody pages. I went on the real BF page for a dose of disgust. I saw the commenters complaining about immigrants and Muslims and expressing their like for Nigel Farage from Ukip. 

If you make a comment saying anything (such as real facts) that isn't sycophantic fawning you'll be barred from commenting. Old Knudsen found out the hard way when mentioning how it was the Americans that got us victory in WWI .... WWII also but I didn't want to say that. 

These people have the sickness known as nationalism, you can't reason with a nationalist as all they see are flags, wondrous proud victories and an over inflated unrealistic version of their nation. 

The true face of war isn't silhouettes and pretty poppies, not that any of those people will ever know. They can swagger about and try to intimidate people but they have never answered the call of their country and so are not fit to protect anything because what they are really doing is shitting on Britain and the veterans. 

At eleven o'clock in the morning, the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918, fighting stopped on the Western front. 

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