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Sam Pepper Sexual Predator

He can't be a rapist, he likes doggies.

I had not heard of Sam Pepper until a week ago. He had made this YouTube video in which he has an arm of his hoodie in it's pocket and when he asks pretty young weemen for directions on an L.A. street he reaches out fom under his top and feels their arse. 
What did I hear about Pepper a week ago?  Well the guy who made it with him was frantically trying to distance himself from Pepper and the video, it seems that some people do not think it's appropriate to sexually abuse women in the street. 

 Not a pinch but an opened handed fondle.

In the YouTube the women are outraged as they look around to see who grabbed their butt and Pepper says, 'oh I think he just pinched your ass' to fool them and then when he asks for directions to the Apple store again he grabs them once they turn their back on him. 

 Even hot weemen dressed like strippers have boundaries.

One woman repeated how she didn't like it but the thing is they all say it with giggles ... uncomfortable giggles which no doubt encourages him. People are taught to never make a fuss and to not be rude and so when they say, "I don't like that" it's said without anger, not that the perpetrator cares anyway, it usually takes violence or unwanted attention to put most abusers off from harming their victims.   

This woman smiles and giggles but in a 'what the fuck just happened' way rather than oh this is so funny way. Would if be funny if he grabbed their boobs? For some reason weemen are more protective of their boobs and it is less acceptable than a butt grab, the thing is that a butt pinch is still barely acceptable and often gets laughed off.  

Laughing is a nervous coping mechanism, it doesn't mean consent, it means uncertainty. The weemen nervously smile and back away from him but he laughs and smiles and hey it's in public so it must be safe right?   
Not wanting to appear rude can be used very effectively by an abuser that they will do things in public so you don't speak out. People seem to have the damaging fear of what others will think and what if they don't believe me? Maybe because there is a long history of blaming the victim. 

Reaching out for a boob no doubt. 

English DJ Dave Lee Travis got a 3 month suspended prison sentence for groping a woman's breasts in 1995, she says "I was too paralysed with fear to confront my assailant" she has stated that she will not seek any compensation as she was only interested in telling the truth. Travis was cleared of two other sexual assaults that happened in 1990 and 2008. 

An older man was fired from his job when he hugged a customer. Many came to his defense and said it was what he did and he was just being friendly ..... Dave Lee Travis said that he was just a cuddly touchy feely person. Abusers try to trivialize their actions so YOU are just being silly and are over acting. Just because the abuser and many others defend and enable the behaviour that doesn't make it right. 

So polite that you automatically shake hands when one is extended.

Pepper relies on women being caught unawares and not knowing how to react . He says it's consensual but he never asks them beforehand, he may get them to sign a release afterwards but that's like raping someone in the ass then saying, 'text me when you get home to make sure you get there safely' .... which is what one 19 year-old waitress is claiming happened to her with Pepper. 

Victims go through a whole range of emotions which usually end in them feeling guilty about what happened, it's the abuser who should be feeling guilty but they don't care, you aren't even a real person in their eyes, yer a means to an end. 

This is how the likes of Jimmy Savile got away with his hundreds of sexual assaults or how all those pedophile priests got away with stuff. Being famous or being in authority so that you and yer misguided supporters can discredit the victim. 

Even a twat like Pepper has fans, 2,397, 026 subscribe to his YouTube channel. I don't know why as that southern English accent is just sooo grating, he's one of those queer or just English people. As you can see he wears his mammy's jewelry and Harold Lloyd's 1920's hipster glasses. Well I'd like to smack him just for those glasses.  

After the fallout of his grab ass video he posted one that had women grabbing men's butts then he claimed it was a social experiment to highlight abuse against men because when women get abused they have all sorts of outlets but men don't..... well unless you count RAINN in the US or Mankind in the UK or Survivors UK who have been around for over 20 years, apart from those and all the ones I didn't mention there is no help for male victims of abuse, those fucking bitches who were asking for it anyway get everything! 

Trying to appear the victim? ..... classic abuser tactic!

Do I believe Sam Pepper and his videos that talk about how his male friend was abused in a relationship and how one time some women grabbed Pepper's little skinny white boy ass and he didn't like it, he felt violated? .... cue meaningful guitar music, no seriously he had guitar music start as soon as he started with the sob story part of his videos. 

No, I don't believe him. 

Old Knudsen is a good judge of character and very often will dislike a person right away without any logical reason to do so and later they give him plenty of reasons to have that initial reaction ... like how a dog detects the bad uns. When I ignore my gut instinct that's when I usually end up having an argument on Facebook and unfriending the fuckers. 

Thank you for validating my ability you dickheads. 

Pepper envokes my dislike response, I would not be surprised if he pinned a lass doon and wanked over her without her consent as I have heard or that more and more gurls are coming forward with tales of sexual abuse. 
One YouTuber named Laci Green  did a Sam Pepper exposed video. She is a sensible lass, not always right but more right than most. Since many sexual assaults are he said/she said I'd believe what Laci and the gurls who trust her enough to come forward have to say. 

Pepper's friends and many fans have deserted him because it just isn't cool to sexually assault women in the street under the guise of a prank and then to pretend it was a social experiment. You can say 'oh it was just a grope' then you can move on to say 'oh it was just rape' and before you know it you sound like an Indian politician saying 'boys will be boys' as raped gurls commit suicide out of the shame they are forced to endure.

Pepper is 25 year-old, he should know the rules. You don't trivialize sexual assault with a YouTube video. I saw how those woman reacted and they may have signed a release under peer pressure but what you don't see is the many women who refused to sign one and who nearly called the cops. Pepper later claimed it was all staged and scripted, the only thing staged and scripted was his insincere cover story.    

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