Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Why I Dislike Russell Brand

His looks, his annoying voice, his smug moral superiority, he's looks like a walking STD and someone who would betray Jesus to the Romans ..... you know the sort.

He became famous for making lewd comments on Andrew Sach's (the waiter from Faulty Towers) answering machine during a phone call on a radio show, he also had a small role in a movie playing an arsehole (which he did very well) and he married Katy Perry which really got his name out there.

Yes he used to be a junkie, he never lets us forget that, mostly because he still looks like one but if you say that he'll go all serious and say, 'drug addict is a serious issue and I don't appreciate glib comments' or some such crap.

    Forgetting Sarah Marshall with Veronica Mars.

A while back he made the news by telling people not to vote in elections as a way to opt out of this crooked system. That was his answer to the world's problems. When pressed he said that he had never voted and doesn't have a plan as to what we can replace the system with.
I'm surprised he didn't suggest communism, he mentions socialism but really describes communism like many do. Left wing twats always think communism is a good idea even though it has been a complete failure in Russia and China.
Everyone should be equal man .... but what about the leaders we still need leaders?  ..... I can't hear you man over the sound of my awesome smugness.    

He says that because he came from an under served social underclass he had good reason to be a drug addict and not to vote. Funny that many other people don't feel that need and do vote. Taking drugs and not voting are choices. 

Brand is getting stuck into Sean Hannity on Fox News, the pair of them are trading barbs on the Internet. Sean comments on the telly and Brand makes a Youtube. 

Why? .... Why not go doon to a care home and match wits with some retards instead? When you argue with a fool you become one. Seeing two fools argue is like watching two blokes without arms box each other. 

Brand with his toothy Essex accent likes to appear intellectual, he had about 5 pseudo intellectual words he uses over and over to make half a point, he likes to call things "provocative"  or voting is a "preexisting  paradigm which is quite narrow and only serves a few people" and "economic disparity" is one of his favourites. Anyone who uses the word, "facilitate" is a tosser.

He speaks like a pompous university student trying to impress his friends and separate himself from the pleb on the street but Brand insists he is one of the people.  
On his Youtube channel telling you the trews, which I believe is news but true... oh please.  

Now Mr Brand is telling people to boycott Israel. It isn't enough to sympathise with Hamas and how they are the poor under dog victims, he now has to attack Israel. Of course just like his love for Hamas he doesn't bother with details.
Hamas fire rockets from civilian areas and fight near refugee shelters FACT! journalists have quietly mentioned it.
Oh no it's Israel are killing children and Hamas just want peace .... la la la I don't want to hear how things really are because it doesn't suit my trendy activist image.

He has put a call out for a petition ..... seriously? He wants to stop companies from investing in Israel so they can't afford to make war ... Quick fact Mr Brand, the US gives $3 billion a year to Israel, oh that's right you don't do facts. They are in a recession but still give the money out .... lets boycott appearing in American movies.  

         Uncle Sam surfing porn.

For an example of his boycott he uses Barclays bank , because the name is rhyming slang for wank, Barclays bank - wank ..... that's in case you had forgotten that he's a comedian, I know I did.
He does a bit slagging off their commercial which uses Uncle Sam who is old and therefore can't use a computer, he only wants to e-mail his nephew who he hasn't seen in 3 years .... shouldn't have touched him up then ya old perv.
Barclays will help you get online and you can search for all those half dressed weemen or ghey porn, of course you have to open an account and sell yer soul. 
If you put the hurt onto Barclays then they will stop investing in companies like Elbit, which makes the drones that bomb Gaza. I'm sure their drones bomb other places too like the ones that rescued the Yazidis in Iraq. 

Brand says, "The message they give us is the exact opposite of the reality, they're acting like they're part of our community."

Oh no the real world is horrible, those people employed to make drones should quit and make rainbows instead and commercials shouldn't lie.
Old people shouldn't be on the Interwebs anyway, they should be walking around, getting in people's way and waiting to die ..... except for Old Knudsen who knows what he's talking about.  

Another fact Mr Brand, Barclays can't afford to pick and choose who to invest in, they have been closing branches all over the world in order to survive as a business . How could you fail to notice this?   Oh that's right, you don't do facts, you have the understanding of a child. 

If you don't make bombs and guns then people won't get killed ..... aye the billions already made will vanish and IS won't take advantage of this and kill us all with the stuff they collect in battle.

The world is not a perfect place, that's for sure, people die .... we will all die someday, that is nature. Bad guys will use the weaknesses of the innocent to get power and we need to kill the bad guys ... yes we become like them for a time but stop ourselves when the job is done, there is no place for naivety, that shit will get you killed.  

Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one ... except Uncle Sam who poops into a bag .. bless him.

If you cut Russell Brand he doesn't bleed, instead he oozes out a thick black syrup of enriched gonorrhea. I dislike him and his half baked opinions.  


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