Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Why I Didn't Join Hamas

Things people say to me often have me thinking then I go and type it doon to get rid of it. When talking about Palestine and Hamas I've had at least 3 people say something like, 'If you or I had lived in Palestine we'd join Hamas and fight against Israel who came in and took our land' ..... I really don't like people speaking for me as that implies that they know me.   

How could mere mortals understand the depths that is Old Knudsen? 

 Old Knudsen serving his cuntry.

Northern Ireland is a land that has shaped and influenced Old Knudsen's life. We are no strangers to terrorism and have lived with it as a part of our daily lives. The IRA relate to Palestine in regards that the British came in here and took over 6 counties in the north which the IRA want back no matter who lives here now, this happened officially in 1921. Ya know what Old Knudsen never did? He never took up the IRA's armed struggle against Britain.

Maybe it was the shooting and blowing up of innocent men weemen and children that did it. Soldiers in the army do not wake up one day and say, 'I think I'll blow up some cunts as they stand at a war memorial' as the IRA did during the Remembrance Day bombing in 1987 that killed 12. No, that is what terrorists do.

Terrorists cause terror to the people they claim to stand for, they kill and maim anyone for their own agenda. They don't care that a bomb hoax has you, old people and babies out in the cold for 5 hours at 3am, they don't care that children are playing beside the bomb they've hidden in a car. They use fear to make sure that no one informs on them, they think nothing of making a widowed mother of 10 disappear just on suspicion of informing.

The Middle east terrorists go a step further than the IRA by convincing and forcing men, women and children to strap a bomb onto their bodies and to blow themselves up to take some targets with them.

You'll not catch the IRA blowing themselves up (on purpose) for their cause of a united Ireland, no, they'll just blow up other Irish people for the cause ..... bombing Irish people to get a united Ireland, that logic is totally Irish. 

Lets get rid of terms like paramilitary or freedom fighters, the IRA and their Protestant counterparts are terrorist scumbags who moved on to be drug dealing criminal scumbags.

The IRA bombed innocent civilians (killing 5) in the town of Coventry in England in 1940 as an audition for the Nazis for fucks sake.  

Some parts of the British military enabled terrorists and were bias towards one side but their are always some bad apples, I was not one of them.

I saw the toll that terrorism had upon our tiny island and I didn't feel the need to attack the British, I felt the need to attack the kind of wankers who wake up and decide to kill 29 people out doing their Saturday afternoon shopping. They are the ones doing the most harm.

So I already know that I wouldn't join Hamas if I lived there because I had the choice to make already. Of course the people talking about this probably have never held a gun in their lives and the idea of being a noble freedom fighter against an evil foe is purely academic, it's safe to talk about it if there is no chance of it ever happening.

Maybe they have never even been in a fight of any sort who knows? They could always take up the Jihad like so many idealistic people have, there is nothing stopping them. Even those in Hamas in Palestine have gone off to fight in Syria when they haven't been firing rockets at Israel, there is always some rag head looking to behead someone.

I talked the talk and backed it up with the walk, that walk put me and my family as targets for these terrorists, I am still careful about security these days as the wankers haven't gone away. The people living next door to you might be connected to terrorists, the middle aged friendly lady cashier at the local shop may still believe in her KAT (kill all taigs) tattoo that she crudely did herself when she was 16 .....  it's a small island.

I speak from a position of experience when I tell you that Hamas are scumbags who don't care about anyone .... ANYONE.  One of their tactics is firing rockets at Israel so that Israel will return fire ten fold to that area, they know it will happen.
Yes they fire from the grounds of schools and hospitals but they aren't there when the return fire is sent. That is a tactic, they mean to do it, they have done it over and over. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

I don't know how much simpler I can make it without feeling the need to lick a window meself.

 Supporters at a Hamas funeral in the West Bank.
Hamas aren't cuddly or noble, they are fanatical killers. I'd love to be so sheltered in life that I've never met fanatical killers or wanna be hoods. I'd love to only see the good in people and if there isn't any then fool myself because it's easy to do when you don't have to meet these people face to face. 

Have these people tried not to make their hand shake as a guy in a bar in Rathcoole with a crazed glint in his eye invites you to press a part of his head where a bullet made a hole? 

I've seen the pictures of the dead children and it's terrible, I've read the story of the Israeli officer who shot the 10 year-old girl 17 times to make sure she was dead even though she wasn't a threat, I've seen Hamas break ceasefire after ceasefire, kidnapping an Israeli soldier during one and while Israel was sending in aid for the Palestinian people Hamas were sending 83 rockets to Israel.

If you think that Hamas are anything but murdering terrorists then you are a fool. I'm not excusing Israel for their behaviour either, they have played into Hama's hands very well.

Just remember, Israel is not an invading army, they have been right there on that same ground since 1209 BCE, many people throughout the ages have forced them out but I'd say they have a fair enough claim to a place formerly known as Judea.
Arabs make up 20% of Israel's 8 million population, it isn't invading outsiders these people are cousins, so Hamas are not just firing rockets to kill Israelis, they are also trying to kill the 1,688,600 Arabs under Israeli iron dome protection.     

This isn't a black and white topic that many liberals seem to think it is, you can't just deny the facts if they don't suit the fairytale you've told yerself because others who have a better grasp of reality will call bullshit.  

If I lived there I'd move to Israel, it's a lot bloody safer.

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