Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Ebola Isn't That Bad

Doctors in Atlanta ......America, have done tests on Dr Kent Brantly who was flown from Liberia .... Africa, and have discovered that he does not actually have the Ebola virus, it's worse than that, it's man flu.

Man Flu facts:

1. 40,000 men worldwide die of man flu a year.

2. There is no cure known for Man Flu.

3. It's worse than baby pain.

4. Many suffer in silence due to the social stigma.

5. Only the strong survive.

6. It can be caught from toilet seats. 

Obama has been blasted for putting the nation into such danger and the CDC has gone into full lock doon of the city of Atlanta and have called for Marshal law to go into effect. The public has been warned against licking toilet seats. 

So far only a handful of civilians have had to be shot by law enforcement officers but the National guard will be needed, is this the straw that broke Obama?

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