Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Politics Of Being Pope

Pope Francis met with some victims of clergy abuse. Wow, that really shows the Pope to be a very understanding and caring man to admit to wrong doing at such an early stage of the clergy sex abuse cases. 
He went on to say that some of these victims go on to suffer from addiction and even suicide ..... what an insightful man the pope must be.

Yes indeed, to have yer trust of authority figures destroyed at an early age and to be unworthy of real love, honest love because you are in some way at fault for what happened to you. It's almost as if the Pope put himself into the shoes of those whom his fellow clergy abused.

Maybe they bragged to him about it at the water cooler. 

“I feel the gaze of Jesus, and I ask for the grace to weep, the grace for the church to weep and make reparation for her sons and daughters who betrayed their mission, who abused innocent persons.”

I really feel as this this Pope is going out of his way, to make you like him, WISE THE FUCK UP!

In all his years as a church leader in Argentina the Pope never met any Argentine victims and ignored guidelines to stop sex abuse and to properly handle sex abuse allegations. No, instead he met with safe, compliant victims who knew their place and would never get angry or anything.

Two from Britain, two from Ireland and two from Germany, where are the mouthy Americans who were first to stand up to the evil that is the Vatican?  .... aye that would be a PR nightmare.

One woman from Ireland did ask for the head of the Irish church to get made retired but who cares what that sinful wretch has to say? 

It seems that with Pope Fanny (or Two face) was a typical gheys are evil and abuse doesn't exist kind of Cardinal but as soon as he became Pope he rolled out the humble act.


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