Friday, 25 July 2014

Flying Cars Are Here

They promised us flying cars by the year 2000 and it looks as though the experts were right and holding out on us.
A car I had about 15 years ago the Vauxhall Corsa obviously didn't have the flying ability, I must have just missed out but now they can indeed fly.

A 25 year-old driver in Hop Pole, near Spalding ..... no seriously, these are real place names. Must have engaged the flying feature without aligning the inertial dampeners .... rookie mistake.

 You kicked me off the island, why?  .... oh fuck off Wilson.

Not that I'm saying that lil boy racers buy these cars and then can't drive them, ok then maybe I am. The BBC didn't say if the 25 year-old was male but c'mon the fuck, a little old to be racing around the streets of .... where is it Hop Pole? You must be sooo fucking cool you forever alone little man racer. I bet you have a fat tip too, well had until it fell off.

The car careered off the road and flew through the air and smashed into a back bedroom. No one was home and the driver got away with broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder. In the age of camera phones are you saying that nobody got it? A garden fence was destroyed and some shrubs were startled.... probably won't flower again until the end of August. I hope yer pleased. 

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