Tuesday, 3 June 2014

There Is No Vaccine For Stupid

Some know Old Knudsen as a lover, poet, and a bringer of truth and wisdom, others know him as a defender of the weak or vulnerable but mostly the world knows him as someone who can't remember his moral stance from day to day and so can be employed to do great evil in the name of boredom and whatever.  

Since the CIA have cum out and said how their fake vaccination program has cum to an end, Old Knudsen feels that he can now talk about his work ..... besides since they have started using the Royal bank of Scotland to pay their British operatives I've had nothing but trouble with me pay so fuck em.

I'm still owed overtime from 2011 while working as a doctor in Pakistan giving out hepatitis B vaccinations while looking for Bin Laden, the search would have been a lot quicker except for a typo that had me looking for Ben Laden.

We do lots of work all over the world, did you catch the latest outbreak of Ebola in Sierra Leone? well the skill is to start it in Guinea all the while knowing where it will spread to and then you get yer target without ever going after them.  Don't worry that cuntry is full of collateral damage, just look at the #bringourgirlsback hype, what about all of those who went before them? Boko Harem have been killing and abducting in the Borno area since 2010 and no one cared.

The Saudis think they can buy their way out of everything and play all sides, enjoy yer  MERS . It gives the CDC something to do.

  Dat ass needs a cock implant stat!
With other more subtle assignments you can find yerself putting in nano bots for what ever reasons that are about me pay grade or you might be putting in trackers, or as the conspiracy nuts call them 'alien implants' aye blame the aliens.

 So let me get this straight, you want it in the ass .... no take backs. 

It's great when the pubic cum and insist that you vaccinate them. The flu virus may evolve constantly but yeah, this will help you, oh yer a government contractor with a communications company ... how interesting.

The CIA are telling the world that they no longer do fake vaccinations because you have fanatics deciding that healthcare workers in the third world are legitimate targets. I think it was the sunglasses and black SUV's that gave us away.

Cases of polio in Pakistan had dropped to single digits last year but this year there has been 62 reported cases because the Tallyban have banned vaccinations..... think about that you anti-vaccine nut jobs with yer chicken pox parties, yer as bad as the Tallyban.  Since 2012, 60 polio workers and security personnel have been killed in Pakistan, not surprising as they stone a woman from their own family to death in front of a court house in plain daylight, not much law or morals going on there.

Old Knudsen does still keep his hand in with the medical side of things .... sometimes his fingers too.
The CIA may not be paying him but the humanitarian in him runs a fertility clinic that has a 96% success rate and of course he does his rounds at various hospitals, never the same department twice.


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