Monday, 26 May 2014

The Future Starts Here

Remember when Nigel Farage became the Lord protector of the United Kningdom? Aye that was a dark time in our history with the border wall stretching from Land's end to John O'Groats. Northern Ireland became a resource for England with wind turbines and fracking, also for poisoned post apocalyic wasteland sets for movies. The saying was, "The only good Irishman was one who wasn't in England."
The population grew old as fewer and fewer children were born, only white people with money could take advantage of the government fertility treatments as we had a nation to protect. Non-white people did have their place in the UK but not a public one.

Swearing allegiance to UKIP and doing what you were told or the secret police would make you vanish .... oh of course you don't remember all this, it hasn't happened yet what am I thinking?

Even though Old Knudsen didn't get as much as a thank you when he time traveled and killed Hitler he decided to do it again with Farage. If Old Knudsen hadn't killed Hitler in 1945 you lot would have been speaking German as the aliens directing his moves were about to join in.

So off Old Knudsen went back many years to 2010 and he shot doon Nige's plane. How was Old Knudsen to know he had a spell of mystical protection around him? Fucking wizards, I hate em!

Sorry folks, I only delayed it for a few years. The thing I like most about time travel is having a threesome with my present day self.

When cuntries are in recession you really get to see the true colour of the people. Always looking for scapegoats to blame and willing to believe anything rather than manning up. How else could a genocidal maniac like Hitler get elected? or even the empty promise maker Obama?

GMO foods. Who cares huh? Well you should. Never mind about the government taking yer guns, gheys getting married or the climate changing .... again, you should be worried about the future of food and fresh water and if you'll have any in the future.

Grain has been manipulated by humans for over 7,000 years, it needed to be changed as there wasn't that much on the stalk of wild wheat. Hybridization isn't the same as genetically altering wheat but it has still been tampered with. 
When we learned to grow grain we developed as a society. We no longer had to depend on hunting and foraging, we could keep food stored over the winter rather than salting what meat you had and hoping for the best. We were able to evolve with our newly found free time.

What would happen if we didn't have grains?

We'd have to go back to hunting and since there are not enough animals to hunt we'd have to hunt .... humans. Or we could start farming dogs and cats to eat, fuck yer cute Facebook memes, now you can Instagram yer dinner and yer pet at the same time.

One of the little known up sides to GM food (depends how you look at it) is that it lowers the fertility rates after the first generation. Scientists have noticed this in mice and Monkeys etc. While experts say that GM foods are more nutritious than natural foods it's a wonder that humans have so many cancers and gluten problems.
The hormone disruption isn't hidden, it's just not talked about very much and remember that cattle have been eating GM food for decades so it's well in the food chain. 

These are no doubt the same experts who put High fructose corn syrup into our food and drinks and subsidize farmers to not grow grain and vegetables but to instead grow corn. When Old Knudsen returned to the UK from the US he noticed that he had less stomach issues as soft drinks here still have real sugar in them as does much of the food. It's still better out than in though ... good arse, I thought you were dead.

Mark my words, High fructose corn syrup is a silent state sanctioned killer. What has all this got to do with Farage? His ilk are just one step away from setting up a Thunder dome where only the white people can enter and can leave.
Too much still rides on the alleged problems of climate change and quick easy fixes like GM foods. Then you have cunts trying to talk you into a cheap and easy fuel like Fracking 2-8 million gallons of water may being used to frack a well, using up clean water like it's a renewable resource, for each of those wells 80-300 tons of chemicals are used, it's as if uncontaminated soil is a renewable resource too.
Some of the chemicals used are benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene, they don't just vanish, once you frack they are in the ground, seeping into the water table. 

So we poison the food, the water and the ground used to grow food,not to mention the air with our fumes, can this go on forever?  What is the use for cancer research when the things that cause our cancers continue to kill us?  The bigger picture people!
Only folk with money and connections have any place in the future, our civil liberties are being strangled each day in the name of security, the government can't trust us but they tell us to trust them.

I don't like people knowing everything about me or where I am at any given time but that is our future, being fed on a diet of poison, lies and fear.  
People fear that unborn children will get human status without having taken a breath, that would undermine abortion. People fear having to register their firearms as that would lead to suspicion and worse .... a tax. People also fear immigration control because new laws usually fuck good people over and where will all these new laws stop? You give them an inch and they take a mile.

Humans are their own worse enemy, they believe themselves to be superior because they can kill better and because they are so much more than just mere filthy animals cos they drink Latte's and can use tools such as iPeds and pods. 
Humans believe they know what God wants, how arrogant can you get? With this attitude is it any wonder they can put an ear onto the back of a mouse and think that it makes them a god? 

Never trust a scientist and their mutating neutrinos. 30 years ago we were told of an ice-age, now we are told of a global warming that has now just become some vague climate change. Aye, buy stocks in Heinz baked beans, they are the true winners in all of this. 

 You heard about the Orange Order pig hybrid program on this blog.

Scientists and their witchcraft want to genetically alter cloned pigs in order to have replacement parts for humans and they want to have cows that give out milk similar to human titty milk ... breast milk I think they call it. Spider goats and glow in the dark cats .... WTF? 

Fucking scientist virgin nerds, if yer going to do this shit then do it cool. Make weemen with extra vadges so they can fuck up their feet in killer fuck me pumps and then you can fuck up their feet. 

It isn't surprising that we are getting animal/human hybrids being born. In Ballymena the locals feel the compulsion to say "hey" at the end of sentences, like the Canadian "eh" except in Ballymena it starts out in the young people as a bleat, they say "baa" the schools have been covering up the sheep sex scandals for decades now by training the children to say "hey" instead of "baa." 

The media have been teaching the sheeple that animal hybrids can be ok and too just accept them.   
We mourn the loss of Jamie Bryson's love child. What happens in Bangor needs to stay there.

The world reached it's 7 billionth person in 2011 and now the world's population is 7.165 billion. How long will it take to notice a decline in the birthrate? You probably won't overall. The main decline will be mostly seen by traditionally white nations as their population gets older and the darkies within their cuntry breed faster. The old white people in charge will become angry and defensive, eventually closing it's borders in a suicidal act to avoid change. You can be black and British but the old cracker guard don't like that. 

The world will keep producing babies but mostly in developing worlds such as China and India, even with China's one child policy their population is still exploding, 17% of the world lives in India, 19% in China. 
4.44% of the world lives in the US and 2.4% in Russia. The US have Hispanics doing the outbreeding though going by the TV you'd think it was black people. 
Also considering that the whole of Europe only makes up 11% of the world's population you can see what I mean about the old white birth decline, being white was a genetic aberration and it looks like nature is trying to fix it.     

With China's yearning to expand throughout the world and India's rape problem it isn't difficult to see who our new overlords will be. This frightens the white people in their insular worlds being invaded by others with new languages and new ways and people like Nigel Farage and many others they will exploit that. 
Make them speak English! make them eat shitty traditional foods! 
Enjoy the future, it is unfriendly and hazardous to yer health..... like now but with flying cars an shit.   

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