Monday, 5 May 2014

Suicide Blonde

 Glad to see she kept her dignity by keeping her socks on, that is sooo hawt!

Before she died Old Knudsen only knew Peaches Geldof as being the daughter of Bob Geldof and for having a stupid name ..... not as stupid as Fifi Trixibelle but on the same level as Pixie. 

I had not posted my opinion on Peaches because well I didn't have one as I wanted to see how everyone else saw her. She was called the UK's Paris Hilton with the above picture cumming from a  heroin-fueled one-night stand back in 2009.

She had a history of drug abuse getting caught paying dealers and leaving a drug shopping list in a pub, yeah she was a tortured soul and self medicated to get by.
I didn't know the lass but losing yer mother to a drug overdose at an early age must have sucked, it's a classic casebook move for her to do the same.

When parents abuse their kids there is a high chance that the kid will be an abuser just like if a parent commits suicide then there is the high risk the child will do the same. A learned response to what is happening to them.
Getting caught in the shadow of someone who shaped yer life can be difficult to escape, with depression you live as if you have blinkers on, only seeing the bad shit and thinking the bad stuff no matter what people around you say.

When people think you should be one thing and you pretend to be that thing then yer just wasting yer life and not being true to yerself.
Society thinks that Old Knudsen should accept things the way they are and since he lives in a socialist cuntry that he should be grateful for anything he gets such as poor healthcare. Oh and never complain cos because everyone else is happy enough, it must just be you  .... well Old Knudsen doesn't go for that and would rather be himself and hated than one of the sheeple who are bullied into submission and also hated anyway. 

I have heard that Bob was not the most supportive when her mother Paula Yates had died of a drug overdose, he was more into appearing as if things were normal and sending them to school as per usual.

Peaches taking a selfie when a ghost hand appears in her picture.  

Bob Geldof does strike Old Knudsen as being a bit of a dick but respect to anyone who can make the fame from one hit song last a life time. A song that cashed in on tragedy like that other cunt Bono and his Bloody Sunday tune. 

 Don't worry, her phone is safe.

You should not speak ill of the dead but I do believe in speaking truthfully about the dead as Old Knudsen is not one to gloss over shit. Aye don't mention the durty secrets, just let others repeat them rather than learn from them. 

Peaches had two young children, should she be doing hard core drugs still? You can possibly forgive a little weed as you would a glass of wine but I'm sorry lass, injecting heroin when two young children depend on you is a cuntish thing to do. 

Aye whatever ....  you and Kurt Cobain are such dark souls that no one understood, I have another name for it, self pitying addict, that's what.
You were 25, married with kids so it is time to grow up and put others first for a change. Maybe you didn't mean to die, you just meant to be high as a kite while you looked after yer 11-month-old son... nice one Super nanny. 

There is no excuse for choosing drugs over yer children, you were a selfish bint who dragged others doon with yer issues that you hadn't dealt with. I wonder if any of the children will grow old or will they be "tortured souls" too.

She lived life too fast and the various staging intertwined, the junkie party gurl had no place in that nice home in Kent with her child. 

I don't want to hear in the news how tragic and sad Bob is because everyone who knows him wants to kill themselves, I want to hear the truth and how people in the same place in life can handle things better.
We can learn from Peaches and Paula, if you are self destructive then either kill yerself before you involve others in yer life or man up, face yer issues and do the right thing by yer children. Fear of what will happen to yer kids should be enough motivation.


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