Thursday, 8 May 2014

Pink Biker Gangs

Someone attempting conversation with Old Knudsen asked, "Will you be going down to see the Giro d'Italia?"

Referring of course to a bicycle race that will be in my corner of the world 10th May, next Saturday. 

To stand about waiting by the road for a load of bike riders to speed past in a matter of minutes at the most. Wow, awesome.
Don't we see people riding bicycles all the time? aren't they the ones slowing up traffic because there is no room for pussy bike lanes on the road?   

I do look at them and think, 'I wonder how much all that brightly coloured gear cost them and does it make them any faster?'
Not really cos they are always holding up traffic especially in places where you can't over take them, aye you just don't know when the bicycle will decide to wobble or weave at you when you over take them. 

Most bicycle riders wear colours that a blind man would pick out, not that they stand out anymore for safety than normal not so ghey clothes do. Did you know that 96% of sporting clothes such as team jerseys are worn by big fat fucks who have never done a sporting activity in their lives? The ultimate irony is the fat fucker in a sports top screaming at the players on the telly to do better.  

Pussy pink is the colour of the Giro d'Italia, anything that can be turned pink will be pink. Old Knudsen hates the colour pink. 

Also so much leopard print on white people .....WTF? 

He has not seen so much pink since coming back to Northern Ireland. It's a very blue for boys and pink for girls kind of place with many grown weemen wearing pink, this is probably because if you take all the thick make up off most of the weemen here they would look like men and so they wear pink.  

My answer to the question was:  "Making a special journey to watch a load of men wearing lyrca riding bicycles in a race I had never heard of until a few months ago."

That would be a no, in case you missed the sarcastic tone.    

Someone said that there are no stupid questions only stupid answers, obviously whoever said that was a fucking moron. 

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