Saturday, 17 May 2014

Good News On Climate Change

The ice sheets on the north American continent are melting, while this might be bad news to some there are others who rejoice.

Driving long distances has become expensive. When news that the climate of the Earth was changing not everyone said, "oh no, run for the hills" no the people in Siberia said "It's about fucking timeski" and the people in Canada said, "It's aboot fucking time eh" however the bog trotters of Ireland who get 4 seasons in a day .... everyday, are wondering what their change will be and when are they getting it.  

While the sea is rising and taking over low lying places like the south of England (who needs it anyway?) there are other parts of the world that will become nice places to live, experts think that now is a good time to invest in swamp land or frozen tundra.

It's game hunters who are cheering climate change the most.  Joe from Colorado says, " Normally I'd never get a chance to shoot polar bears but thanks to climate change they are floating down on icebergs, the snow would usually hide them with their white coats but now they stand out against the water, climate change rocks!"

Yes indeed Joe, God either hates polar bears or he loves hunters. The west coast is closer and much warmer than the arctic so you save money on gas and can shoot them from folding chairs beside yer beach barbeque and yer beer cooler.

Fuck you polar bears and welcome to the survival of the fittest or at least the survival of the ones with guns.
Don't fuck with a hunter Mother fucking Nature. Iowa have not seen a Grey wolf in their state for almost 90 years now, when one did appear a hunter mistook it for a coyote and shot it dead ... well done.
If in doubt, shoot first and examine later, if not in doubt just do the same, nature needs to know who the boss is.

A Pizzly bear/Grolar bear.

Immigration news:  White bears from the north coming doon, mating with brown bears and being shot or put into zoos instead of our native bears. The worse thing is that these bears have black skin underneath all of that white fur.

Rush Hannity a talk show radio host has called for these undocumented invaders to be sent back to Africa. The king of Africa has yet to make a comment.

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