Friday, 18 April 2014

Game Of Dicks

The king is dead, long live the ..... Queen regent who shags her one handed brother, why did Old Knudsen never have a sister like that?

Who killed King Joffrey?  Yon cool midget dude?  Henry the mild mannered janitor? .......... could be.

I think the main suspect is the knight turned fool, Dontos Hollard as played by Tom Hardy. What do you mean you didn't recognize him in Game of Thrones?

That's because Hardy stopped dieting and working out then got pummeled by a cage fighter in order to submerse himself into the role. He also calls himself Tony Way but I don't think he's fooling anyone. 

They kill off the Starks and now Joffrey, you'd think this was real medieval history the way they are doing things.
We need more happy endings in Game of thrones, naked hot chick/midget sex happy endings.

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