Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Let The Rich Be In Charge

I have nothing against poor people, some of my favourite jokes are about them. 

Tom Perkins (who is rich) said that wealthy people should get more votes than others because they pay more in taxes.  I think he is forgetting how percentages work.

This has already been done to disastrous effect. 

In Northern Ireland we had property owners who had a vote for each property they owned, oddly enough the majority of them were wealthy and Protestant. Up to 7 votes in some cases because they paid more in rates on each property.
Poor Catholics and even Protestants didn't have a vote if they didn't pay property rates.

So Mr Perkins you must want America to be like Northern Ireland of the 50's and 60's? Having more money does not make you the elite fuck face. 

The Troubles in Northern Ireland hadn't started when this is going on though in 1966 the UVF had begun killing Catholics and were made an illegal organization. Sooo illegal you can still see their flags on every lamp post today and you can even vote for their recommended politicians and buy drugs from them. Being made illegal seems to have been good for business.  Like banning a Frankie goes to Hollywood song.

Why is this not a funny post Old Knudsen? .... fuck up, I'll be funny when you start being funny or when you start paying me. 

The uptight cunts of Northern Ireland can't be humorous or look at naked people without tutting and we certainly can't say civil war .... The Troubles Conflict indeed.  I've been told that my issues have issues but seriously, I'm enlightened like fucking Buddha compared to my fellow bitter ball.

When the 1967 civils rights movement started here, to remind you, it wasn't for a united Ireland, it was non-sectarian and a non violent movement that said, "We are British subjects and we demand British rights."  No Brits out shit.

It was for things like:

17.3% unemployment for Taigy males and just 6.6% for their Hun counterparts. Educational centres being built in more Protestant friendly towns such as Coleraine rather than DerryLondonDerry which is now the rape city of culture. Foreign investors told to ignore the west to set up their businesses on the more Unionist east coast.

Don't believe any thing the Reverend Alien Paisley says like how he supported the civil rights cause, in 1959 he set up the Ulster Protestant Action which was a Loyalist vigilante group to make sure that Protestants got the jobs.

The Labour government in England was pro Unionist and sent in the police with their batons to smack open a few heads cos civil rights .... isn't that what Negroes go on about in the U.S. ?  must be an IRA front to infiltrate the trade unions , fifth columnists you know.

Many of the Northern Ireland police (RUC) were used off duty to attack any civil rights protests, bombs were set off by Loyalists in an attempt to blame the IRA and of course all of this only went towards strengthening the IRA murdering cunts as it became more like an ANC violent conflict than a MLK and Gandhi type protest.

To compare what happened, Al-Qaeda only became a force to be reckoned with when Iraq was invaded and nutters flocked to kill the infidels.  Old Knudsen has always said that Iraq and Afghanistan were very much like the Troubles, but the Troubles on speed.  
Why am I not posting funny shit? mostly to do with stupid people who don't know or understand their history. Besides, I'll post what the fuck I want on my blog.

Those who don't learn from history are doomed to be mocked by Old Knudsen when they think they are being original.

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