Sunday, 26 January 2014

Topless Sunday

 A picture of a topless woman topless .... topless within a topless ..... toplesseption or something daft.

What is better than being in between two hot weemen? ..... being in between four and a nice wee cup of tea thats what.
What the fuck you laughing at? I bet you feel a right tit.
One for the lads to keep them off the boys ....looks like some baby lost their arm.
Modest can be sexy, no giant sausage out on show for this fella.

 I like to finish with total sexy ..... but not this time. Remember Christians, stay away from the children. Pedophilia may be fine in 1st century middle east and who are we kidding? also in 21st century middle east but it isn't cool here cos THIS IS SPARTA!

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