Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Normal Crashes?

Two US military helicopters crash in two days. You can blame the extreme weather if you want I'm sure they will.
Have military training exercises during extreme weather conditions as a cover to test out your new EMP device.
The President seems to have a hard on for EMP's for what reason I do not know except it gives him a tactical upper hand in numerous scenarios, they just have to shield their own equipment. 

Did the US buy from the British company E2V that recently developed these devices and had an extremely successful demonstration by downing a Scottish police helicopter last year?

These sinister toys that can be passed off as mechanical faults hold the key to the future. We already had a close call in November but who will stop Obama the next time he wants to take away the ability of the people who see all in an age where you can find out almost anything and expose secrets worldwide? 

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