Friday, 25 October 2013

You Just Don't

The day after a Nevada 12 year-old boy shot dead a maths teacher and himself a 13 year boy from Santa Rosa Callyfornia was walking around with the above AK-47 type rifle. Was it any surprise that two sheriff deputies shot him dead?

Now sheriff deputies aren't always the best or the brightest ..... you've seen the Dukes of Hazard right?
They did everything right. One witness heard a single siren and then 7 shots ring out like a nail gun.

Another witness said the cops pulled up beside him, opened the door and shot him 3 times but we suspect that witness to be batshit insane,

Lopez who has been described as being very smart and capable didn't know that if you have your back to a cop and they tell you twice to put the gun down you don't keep a hold of it and turn round and move it towards them.
He also had a plastic gun in his waist band.

Hundreds of people marched through the town of Santa Rosa to demand justice for Lopez. You can't spin this like the Trayvon case as no hoodie or confectionery were involved it's just a tragic loss of a dumb teenager who learned the rules the hard way.

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