Sunday, 13 October 2013

I Can Smell Yer Poot

Hello Christians, here are some hotties ..... adult hotties cos children are crap in bed. If it's about control then get into S&M or M&S whatever you call it.

 Heres one I prepared earlier.

Two blondes so far? Ach Old Knudsen prefers burnettes though if a blonde dropped her granny knickers in front of him and begged for sex Old Knudsen would oblige.

I would like weemen to start referring to their hoo hoo as their poot, example: "Oh my poot is fucking itchy today after that shag with Old Knudsen." You can also call people a poot if you wish to.

No wonder I can never get through to the doctor's office, too busy planking or whatever you young people call it.

Remember folks, reduce, reuse and recycle .... oh and don't molest children.


Tuesday Kid said...

That Edwin Poots, he's a bad mutherfucker. He got hoes in different area codes. He slams ass and pussy for breakfast and flosses with the mawfuckin' g-string. He rubs his mouth over the side of Nelson McCausland's beardy face makin' believe that it's a wild pubed crotch of some tasty bitch. He does that.

Old Knudsen said...

Aye well all that is common knowledge, he also eats bread he dips into sweaty ass cracks.