Monday, 23 September 2013

Putting The Ass Into Class

I was sitting in a deck chair enjoying the flowers and the trees of the garden, the singing of the birds and the muffled cries for help from the home owners and I got thinking about the class system. It may seem like a thing of the past but no, it is very real a part of yer life and psyche.

 Northern Ireland has an overwhelming Untouchable caste.
A working class person in a job that doesn't require a shirt and tie goes to doctors or has to talk to government officials or even just yer local Housing Executive officer about a broken window latch or something, they'll find the class system in full swing. 

While there are some valid medical and government employees there seems to be far more tin-pot dictators out to be as of as little help as possible. Looking down on you expecting their every word to be accepted and you to do as yer told. 

Gog forbid you'd question them ..... Old Knudsen loves asking questions, the most commons answers are 'thats how it's done' or 'it's procedure/policy' accompanied with a blank look and apathy then trying to get rid of you. 

Every little fucking thing has to be a struggle and then begrudgingly given once they see you won't give up. Workers appearing at yer door in their time and expecting you to be grateful they turned up at all.... and put the kettle on love. 

The difference in attitude between the US and the UK is that in the US, class is mostly based on how much money you have. In the UK class is usually based on the level of education you have, of course having a white collar or important job means yer obviously the master race too. I.T. people and surgeons think they are gods.

This should say it all. In the US anyone can grow up and be President as long as you were born in the USA. 
  You can't grow up and become the Queen. There can be only one. 

No not that queen, fuck I hate that smug shite Stephen Fry with his pseudo intellect and Twitter sulks.

In the US you are a citizen, in the UK you are a subject. You can call yerself a citizen all you want but yer still a British subject. 

So Mom could I grow up to be an inventor astronaut some day? .... no way you little cunt, you don't even know your times tables and you're fucking useless at everything else... aim lower, try President. 

Prince Philip shagged his way to the top may he rest in peace.  

For classless societies, people sure do mention middle and upper class a lot. We are all equal (in America, not in Britain) but because I have more shit and better shit than you and got a better education because I was lucky enough to be born into a family with college money to spare and so that means I'm better than you, I'm in a different league, in a different class than you. 
We don't move in the same circles, I'm only talking to you now because I want a happy meal for little Blandon.

If what someone says isn't to my liking I will challenge it no matter how many degrees you have or because you think you can make people do as you say by not giving them the full information. Old Knudsen may make enemies but if you aren't doing yer job properly then fuck you. 

Rich or poor, black or white. 
The same thing happens to us all if we get hanged or get our throat slashed. We are all just animals that eat, shit and fornicate .... sometimes doing all three at the same time. 

We are all equal in class, some may appear more equal than others but thats all down to luck. In yer world I may fail but in my world you'd fail.
Working hard is no guarantee you'll get somewhere in life, one bit of bad luck can turn you from wealth off to well fucked off and living rough.  

Of course being superior to a moron is completely different. My dog is more superior than a Flegger and actually makes sense when it speaks.   
A Flegger isn't working or middle class, they are low class .... Spide, Chav, Trailer trash, Redneck, Hillbilly Hick and a waste of breathing air.
So thick and so stubborn like a child throwing a tantrum they want the rest of the world to be as confused and as low tech and primitive as they are so they can rule the roost. 

Their culture is stolen from the Taigs and from the Yanks and anywhere else they hear a catchy slogan. A people trying to re-invent themselves into drum beating 'British' tribes based on the English who look doon on them and call them all 'Paddy' who talk about struggle and never surrendering.

When they aren't using large numbers of thugs to intimidate/bully others they sure love to talk a good struggle, reliving the memory of a battle in 1690 they know nothing about and commemorating dead security force personnel while attacking and pouring scorn on the live security force personnel . 

Never before has the class system showed it's head so obviously than when the Fleggers told the world what they think.  
Old Knudsen is a fucking refined and cultured genius compared to the Fleggers, he was superior before but now he is super duper superior .... thank you parading morons for making Old Knudsen feel good about himself ...... now all die in a fire.



Lou Lohman said...

I like yesterday's post better. It haz nekkid weeminz in it.

Old Knudsen said...

Yer just sooo deep dude.