Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Analingus For Breakfast

To answer a question from a friend, no there is no nutritional value gained from the licking of bungholes or barses.

Old Knudsen does not believe the claims made by the Church of the holy hand about it's life saving barse biscuits used for the starving in Africa.

Church of the great lie more like, yer just getting people addicted to barse or taint so they'll sin and keep you in business..... Taint right! 

Crack is whack!  Anilingus/analingus is what killed Britney Spears. 

Happy hump day, now go take a shower then lick my hole. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Which of the two - males or Females - butthole is most sensitive and appreciative of a long tonguing session? I had a female ask me out for drinks and she was very anal and oral and started by licking my asshole which was cool but with 8 margaritas in me, my ass became over sensitized and my hard-on got soft. I could only return the favor and I licked her ass but turned her over and brought her off several times orally. It seems that women love getting their assholes rimmed to me.