Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sunday Space Sex

Yesterday was Star Wars day ... which is kinda lame but hey some hot chicks like it and dress in metal bikinis because of it so yay!

Another Sunday attempt to convince Christian pedos to leave the kiddies alone and think about adults instead.
It's like that whole bomber thing with their 72 virgins, why virgins? wouldn't weemen who know what they are doing be a lot better?

In Old Knudsen's day we had to use paper bags, now they have sex helmets for the mingers.

And we're clear of the nerd zone, isn't there something sexy about shagging .... er I mean making love to a woman who can knock the shite out of you? Like prison but with vaginas and no wide receiving .

What a load of balls, I have to go to the gym as my muscle is not as hard as it should be.

I shall leave you with this lazy tart. A bit skinny for my liking but good wide child bearing hips.