Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Peaceful Up The Backside

A stone memorial to soldiers who had fought in the battle of the Somme was destroyed a couple of days ago. The memorial was set up by Orangemen to remember those of that lodge who had died.
Now they might be a bunch of bitter bastards up that way and they may try to hi-jack the battle of the Somme, making everyone think that only Protestants fought and died in it, but destruction like this is a shitty thing to do. Probably some Catholic spides on the way to a drinking den to gulp doon some Buckfast and huff some glue.

It disgusted Old Knudsen..... but that wasn't the end of it.

On a Facebook page, Loyalist peaceful protest update back up page .....a flegger page run by  fishwives, had put up some pictures taken on a visit to the Republic of Ireland in Omeath Co Louth.

Some cunt went to Omeath with Union flag stickers that say Made in Britain on them and stuck them over things to generate the most offense. 

Ya know what has annoyed Old Knudsen the most about the fleggers? disrespecting MY flag which I have served under and swore allegiance to. These ugly stupid chavvy civilian cunts have not only disrespected MY flag but have used it as a tool to intimidate and offend with ..... not fucking on!

It's ironic to see them disrespecting St Jude as he is the saint of lost causes. Fleggers know all about lost causes as they are in one.
Old Knudsen isn't a Fenian cock sucker but he has enough honour and self- respect not to do any of this shit.
This place has had relics stolen from it in the last year and statues broken. I don't give a shit what religion you pretend to belong to, this shit isn't doing any good. It means that YOU are as bad as THEM...... You deserve to be treated the same. 

You know who is ashamed of you brave fleggers? The real heroes, those who never returned from the Somme and all the other wars. Those who served under the flag and would never use it in the way you have. 
They are far better than you could ever be and are looking down on you in disgust.  You aren't worthy of the sacrifices they made.

Then you have cunts like this mouthing off, what can you expect from someone who doesn't know the difference between 'their' cocks were in all of William Gillespie's orifices and he loved it, they laughed and said 'there' you go bitch.
Not to mention the 39 people who liked those photos and the 12 likes his moronic comment made.

You know what you are doing? heres how smart you lot are.

You are making sure the people of Louth keep voting for the likes of Gerry Adams from Sinn Fein.

Gerry says a big THANK YOU to all you stupid tit for tat, just as bad as each other dickheads for securing the future of Sinn Fein in Co Louth. See what happens when you show disrespect, you give more power to the other side. You need to be better than them in thought, word and action.

You still don't deserve to fly MY flag.