Monday, 6 May 2013

Orange Bastard

I think it's funny how Fleggers use the the expression "The future's bright the future's Orange" that was the first slogan used used by a mobile phone operator that opened in the UK in 2003.
Just because orange is a colour used by Loyalists, as is red, white, blue and purple. It's a pity he wasn't King Billy of puce instead of orange.  

Orange was merged with T-Mobile in 2009 and renamed EE Broadband so the future became a very light blue.

Mr Ben says NO!

I don't think that cultures should be based on a mobile phone commercial from 20 yrs ago, that is not what cultures should be built on. Whats next, Lilt with the totally tropical taste? 

Orange is no longer a major phone operator which means the future is not Orange so stop using that idiot slogan and taste the rainbow.