Saturday, 4 May 2013

Only Found Fake Bombs

A novelty item from the US that claimed to find lost golf balls and cost around $20 was modified in England under the direction of British businessman Jim McCormick. He then sold it to several governments around the world including Niger, Syria, Mexico, Iraq Libya, Iran, Kenya, Jordan,Bahrain and Lebanon for around £27,000.
McCormick claimed the device could detect bombs and drugs even at longe range through lead walls. Run by electrostatic energy you shuffle to power it up and then find the bombs if there are any .... or in reality you don't find the bombs and people die.

McCormick used bribes to get his detectors bought and did pretty well considering he owned a yacht and bought a house from Nicolas Cage. The actor was not available for comment but Gary Busey was.
"Be the bomb and let it explode in your mind, then do a 5 minute two step ending with jazz hands .... not spirit fingers but jazz hands and you will find the sheep in the snow unless it's a horse."

McCormick has been given a prison sentence of 10 years. I think they should put him in a minefield with his own detectors (which he still claims work) and see how well he does. During tests the detectors found things 3 out of 25 times .... random chance would have been better.

If Al-Qaeda had been using exploding golf balls then there might have been a different story.