Friday, 10 May 2013

Old People Are Food!

Edwin Poots the minister of health defending his decisions that have made old people cry and babies die.... and more deaths to come if he moves the children's heart care unit from Belfast to Dublin .  Did he really say that bit is a bonus? well maybe in his head.

He was talking about how he was going to close most of the old people's homes so that they either have to pay for care or stay in their own homes with a visit from a nurse everyday, apart from that, mostly forgotten about. 

Now dead babies, that could be anything. The ones that died because hes a creationist and doesn't think germs exist and so normal tap water is fine to bathe newborns in right?
Or is it because Northern Ireland got a well woman clinic and Mr Poots being all godly and all doesn't believe in abortion and wants to inflict his beliefs onto others whether they like it or not.
Or will it be the ones that have to go to Dublin from Northern Ireland for health care if they have heart problems? ... oh and the parents might not be able to go if they can't afford to stay in Dublin but do the kids really need their parents at a time like that Mr Poots?  

This man offends Old Knudsen on so many levels.