Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Putting The Witch To Ground

Today is the day of Margaret Thatcher's funeral, a sad day for everyone .... no not really. While Old Knudsen doesn't appreciate the undignified gloating about her death he does have to admit that she was a total dick.

On this blog I celebrated her 82nd birthday and her 87th so why not her funeral? 

She had one banging hot body. 

She destroyed most of the industry in the north of England in order to break the unions, she privatised Britain's utility companies. British gas, Jaguar, British Telecom, BritOil , British Aerospace, British Steel, British Airways, BP, water and electricity were also sold off.

There weren't very many jobs going about then, she and Reagan really did have a lot in common.

She didn't understand Northern Ireland's Troubles. Under her watch the Republican hunger strikers died and became martyrs also collusion between police officers the military and Loyalist paramilitary groups was rife.
She suggested to her cabinet that the Catholics in the north of Ireland be shipped south in order to end the Troubles so yeah she was kinda bias. I guess after the IRA blew her up she lost patience with them.   
While the Loyalist fleggers now call her a saint in 1985 they called her a hoor and wished she was dead as she signed the Anglo-Irish agreement which gave the Republic of Ireland a say in running the north.
Big Ian Paisley was not impressed, he later sold out and went into government with former IRA members so he couldn't have been too angry.

When she deregulated the Stock Exchange she made the financial sector in the south of England very wealthy until the crash of 5 years ago. Most people in the rest of the country never saw any of this wealth as everything was and still is London based. 

The nation was very anti-everyone who wasn't British, the English superiority complex was in full flow.  Don't mention the war ..... even though the media was still saturated with WWII movies which led to baffling most people around the world about the British way of slagging off everyone for things their grandfathers and fathers had done.  Like black people calling anyone white a slave owner. 

The state run television channel the BBC got to get forced taxes paid to them, whether you watched it or not. If you had a TV you had to pay. She had already got Rupert Murdoch and his newspapers on the side of the Tories with you scratch my back deals. 

She beat the Argies in a silly little war and paved the way for a free Russia. She often sided with dictators around the world and even refused to back sanctions on apartheid South Africa.

A mean woman who acted like a matron to her party and matron must be obeyed, she did nothing for weemen's role in the world place as she behaved just like a man when she was serving tea to staff members or micro managing their every move.... she also used her teeth when giving head.

The poll tax was her undoing. One tax too many and her own party fired her. 

Old Knudsen will be out of the OBB office today so I've made a simulation of Thatcher's funeral.

The joyous crowd there to celebrate .... the life of a great Briton. You may not have liked her but for 150 years she ruled she still affects our lives today and not in any positive way.

She had the mentality of a grocer always looking for the cost on pounds and pence but never the cost in humanity, because she just wasn't human. If there is a Hell then I hope she finds it to her tastes.