Wednesday, 20 February 2013

We Need To Talk About Willie

Old Knudsen has figured it out. Northern Ireland politics has been infiltrated by a satirical bunch of alternative comedians

Willie Frazer is crazy enough to set his own car on fire, he is crazy enough to pretend to mistake the Italian flag for the Irish flag and express outrage .... fuck that was funny.

Then theres the blaming the IRA on putting horse into our food .... to achieve a united Ireland I suppose.
With his dead pan gormless delivery wee Willie is a laugh riot. The sectarian bigotry and racism .... fucking funny, like Archie Bunker or the British version Alf Garnett. Whats next? Willie calling England a "fag country?" .... comedy gold, can't stop laughing as I type, whats he going to say next?

Then you have little Jamie Bryson or laughingly known as 'The beast from the east' a wee runt of a boy who writes god inspired poetry and answers the big questions in life like "why must those Fenian cunts hate us?" the best thing is that he goes to peace protests to call for riots all the while using a squeaky voice and mispronouncing his 'R's like the Life of Brian " Who is this Wodewick to whom you wefer?" ... "He's a wobber!" "And a wapist!" 

There are many other like Ian Paisley jr who cracked up Westminster when he suggested that ghey marriage would stop the straight people from getting married as it was doing in other countries. Don't forget dumbo eared Edwin Poots, and the best.

Gerry Adams keeps his 10,000 followers on twitter amused with tales about bathing with rubber ducks and his faithful teddy bear 'Ted' or 'In Dáil chamber. Thought I had a pen in my pocket. Discovered it is a tooth brush! Silly me!!!!'

"My humour is satirical, I don't expect people to take me seriously. The statement I'm really making is how ridiculous the whole Loyalist thing is."