Friday 8 February 2013

Tattoos For The Masses

People are stupid. Getting tattoos is one thing, hey Old Knudsen has some ink .... in his printer, he also has a few tats but WTF? tattoos have become so mainstream now that they have lost their edge and now I think it's better to be without.

Every hoor, tramp and lazy fucker who doesn't like work has a tat, even middle class stuck up cuntbaws and their Ma's have them ::::yawn::::::

Remember Kimberley Vlaeminck who got stars on her face? well she claimed she had only wanted 3 stars under her eye but he ended up getting 56 because he obviously misunderstood and she fell asleep.
The tattoo artist Rouslan Toumaniantz was sued for 10 grand as the silly bint said she felt self conscious going outside ..... yeah cos 3 under her eye is soo much better.

Rouslan Toumaniantz is at it again.

He met pretty Russian gurl Lesya Toumaniantz who already had a small face tattoo and one on her arm in a chatroom or something like that.... Many news articles say she didn't have any tats but as you can see from the picture that isn't true.

Since Rouslan was now living in Belgium because of the whole stars on the face thing he told her about his huge tattooed penis and suggested that they meet in real life and get married.

She was gagging for it .... why did Old Knudsen not meet her before this happened?

She got his name tattooed over her face, he said there was a misunderstanding as he had only wanted cum over her face but he went along with it as hey .... its not his face. 

Now Rouslan which translates to ugly specky fucker is getting some dumb but tasty ass which he will ruin with cliched sayings and colourful unicorns etc.

Some other dumb tattoos:

Remember this silly Scottish bint who got a tattooist off Facebook? yeah, I want Marylin Munroe on my arm cos she is such an inspiration, the sexy sexist posing, the drugs and drink and having affairs with married men ..... I want to be like her, after extensive plastic surgeries of course .

 You could really use some brains right know ..... now what I mean .... doh!

This is Bono ... no really, it is.

Actually this is a class tattoo and I would consider getting it... yer Ma is a LOT fatter though.

A lot has been said about the low standard of education of the average Protestant flag protester, not seen anything yet to prove otherwise. In case you don't know it's 'you're' not 'your' and spot the white supremacist symbols on the Jackson.


Don't worry, I'm sure Scotland and England will stay together for always.

 Any particular god? There are many to choose from. Might as well have Jam written on yer head.