Monday, 26 November 2012

No Christmas For The Grinch Again

 Seen here in a home video made a month before the shooting.

The green fur covered cave dwelling creature known as "The Grinch" shot and killed three whos today in a dramatic twist to his usual Christmas stealing activities.
The Grinch who has been treated for depression due to having a heart two sizes too small entered Whoville around 3 pm with the intent of ending Christmas for all the whos.
The Whoville police responded quickly and cornered him in a KFC restaurant, after a tense 2 hour stand off a shot was heard.

The Grinch had turned his shotgun on himself. Paramedics announced him dead at the scene.

Chief Wonderblurst of the Whoville police said, " Mr Grinch was under tacit surveillance as he gets a little anxious at this time of the year. In the past his criminal activity was mostly only burglaries of which he was still on probation for we never expected anything of this magnitude. Our sympathies go out to the 3 victims and the families of this tragedy."

First published 29th November 2007. I was just put in mind of it when someone referred to Old Knudsen as a Grinch.