Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Life Is A Beech

The dark hedges is a slightly famous stretch of road lined with Beech trees to look all spooky and hey its Ireland, throw in a witch and a fucking Leprechaun. The trees have featured in the series Game of Thrones and is said to be ......... haunted!

Ah fuck that, grown by the Stuart family in the 18th century as an impressive drive up to their mansion its definitely worth a tourist visit while yer up there seeing the Giants causeway. "Why would we want to go and see some old manky trees?"  asks the tourist who has actually been somewhere.

Well I was just thinking its best to see them before they, um die.

Planted 300 years ago, the average life span of a Beech tree is 150 - 200 years, they can as you see here live up to 300 years but now they are on borrowed time.

The good news is that they just got environmental protection ..... just before they die, well done Northern Ireland you fuck wits!