Thursday, 29 November 2012

God Hates Children

Don't bullshit the kids, tell them they'll be losers like everyone else. Then again miracles do sometimes happen.

"When I grow up I want to be in charge of my own death camp. I want to call the shots ... being shot."

Close enough. You became God's voice on earth. Not content with destroying the lives of thousands of children you have now started to destroy the nice shit about Christmas.  Gods a bit of a cunt isn't he?  

You stoopid children! You're getting all the historical facts about this made up story wrong. You can't take all this Bible shit literally .... well depends what it is. 

I don't like fags, unless they work for me and I don't like people that don't know their place and who don't keep their mouths shut.

Hello kiddies, I'm the Pope, who wants to be blessed first?

Why do they run?  ...... oh I think I know why.