Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Go Fuck Yerself Anonymous

We are Anonymous, we call on our legions to hack all pro Israeli websites in retaliation for the bombing of the innocent Palestinians ..... no seriously people if anyone knows how to hack, that would be cool, oh maybe leave some nasty comments on Israeli blogs.

Anonymous have given you fair warning in the last cool video we made that had a bitchin ass soundtrack and effects, we can end your world and we wouldn't even have to leave mom's basement.

"Jason your dinner is ready!"  Mom I'm Anonymous ..... fuck thats annoying. I said I was busy!     

Yeah ok you can ask why we haven't done it yet ..... good question. Do not question Anonymous you must respect us.

For fucks sake! Anonymous are worse than Wikileaks, so full of themselves and announcing shit that isn't even true but will get the conspiracy nuts worked up .... there is no conspiracy no one is that good.   I hated V for Vendetta when it was first out in print and I hate the movie even more .... now I have to see these cock suckers in their false faces pretending that they are cool.

I'm Anonymous' kinda slow stoner brother Thingymajig, I won't hack yer account, I'll hack you up. I am legion, like dude theres 4 of me. No wait Todd has trumpet on Wednesdays ..... ok there are usually 4 of me and thats Legend , er legion.