Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Dirty Weemen


Ever feel, tired worn doon and full of aches and pains? well I don't want to hear yer life story so fuck away off.

Its the end of times ....... again. Norovirus, better known as the winter vomiting bug will get ya! No its not just because yer a dirty fucker who doesn't cover their mouth when they cough into babies strollers  ..... guilty as charged. No its not cos you don't wash yer hands after going for a slash because you want everyone to touch something thats touched yer cock ..... all us men do that one ... LOL and we know that weemen are just mingers.

 Its all God's plan. 

I think we all know what a sick fucker God is. "And so'eth God doth say to Abraham, if you loved me you'd kill yer son" ::::sniggers:::::

NHS hospitals closing wards because patients and staff get Norovirus isn't doon to being dirty cunts. Just like the recent 25 cases and 150 suspected cases of  E. coli at a Belfast restaurant isn't because we are dirty fuckers that touch and cough over everything and never clean properly or wash our hands ...... are hands not self cleaning anyway? 

God likes Zombie movies. Its the start, you get sick, then either die or get over it and when the zombie virus hits you and the government will just think its poor hygiene until.
You turn into a creature of illogical rage that mindlessly shuffles about with the only desire to feed off you until there is nothing left of you but an empty bitter husk.

No wait, I'm describing teenagers and parenthood. Fuck thats harsh. No wonder nature has animals that eat their young.

Yer gonna turn into a zombie of the Apocalypse. Only the righteous shall survive . The only problem with that is that the righteous will be heavily armed racist republican rednecks ... told you God was a sick fuck.

Who would survive, the gun lovin nigger hating misogynist?  or

The well educated guy with the big glasses who deplores violence of any kind?

When Norovirus and the flesh eating Necrotizing Fasciitis mutate and combine .... as 9 out of 10 scientists say they will.
We'll have ourselves a zombie plague.

Or at least we'll look like it. No wait, this is a picture of typical British teeth ... ach I had to run out of zombie pictures sometime.