Friday, 2 November 2012

David Jimenez Killed God


Newburgh New York , David Jimenez a 45-year-old pizza worker believed that it was his devotion to a crucifix cured his wife of ovarian cancer.
On his way past it he'd always stop and pray to the idol and rather than modern medicine it was the crucifix that cured her. 

The crucifix which was outside the Church of St. Patrick in Newburgh was in a state of neglect and so since in his mind it was that which healed his wife he got permission to clean it.

Let the lawyer do the talking

Thank you Lard, Jimenez must have thought, now I can repay you a little by cleaning yon statue that I didn't clean before.
Ya know who you don't get to clean a statue? a simple pizza worker thats who. Maybe someone with half a brain might be better. Does he look like he has half a brain?

Looks armless to me.

As Jimenez went to clean it he dislodged it and the 600 LBS statue fell on him crushing his leg which had to be amputated. The statue it seems was held in place by a single screw .... yes Jimenez totally destroyed the magic of the statue.
Now it can no longer heal and cannot magically stay in place ... what a cunt.

The church’s pastor said that parishioners collected food and some $7,000 for the Jimenez family, but the insurance company for the archdiocese has been less than forthcoming.  So, the injured man is suing.

What a total wanker...  he was allowed to clean it as a favour, he destroyed the mojo. Did he think there wouldn't be a charge for the cancer cure? or maybe it was a curse for using scrubbing bubbles on the holy shrine.

In America when you get injured you don't get much except medical bills but a man of faith shouldn't be worried about that, just pray again you have another good leg, go for it.

Now he is praying against the church to get money ..... ah how people of faith change their ideals depending on where the money is.