Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Prince Philip Still Dead

The report on this blog that Prince Phillip  died in December 2011 was totally true and has yet to be proven otherwise.
Old Knudsen reported in a non-bias way that the 90 year-old pampered Prince went into a NHS hospital over a weekend to have a coronary stent fitted and died during the procedure . 

To not spoil the nation's Christmas and to save the NHS embarrassment Prince Phillip was brought back using a secret serum developed by the CIA which has been in general use on the public in such states such as Florida and Arizona.

The British nation found it hard to believe that the NHS were so efficient especially over a weekend but once the Prince was seen up and about they wanted to believe.

The serum which was designed to placate the populous of the United States during the eight years of George W Bush has proved to be of limited success, after the 5 month mark 40 % of subjects start to deteriorate and before you know it they are eating someone's face and growling.  

It was only in May when the Prince remarked to Hannah Jackson during a Jubilee visit in Kent that he would get into trouble if he unzipped her sexy red dress and fed on her breasticles. 

After a bit of spin control the story was altered and became known as one of the Prince's many gaffes Gog love him so politically incorrect and still we let the old codger talk to people LOL.  

Prince Philip is one of the undead 40%ers.  His condition cannot be hidden any longer so now he has a bladder infection, the cause is said to be because he stood for several hours in the biting cold on the royal barge on the Thames. 
The next step will be reports of pneumonia and then death. The real story of yet another zombie royal hidden from the public. 

Rest in peace yet again Yer prince-ness and may the bastards let you go this time.