Monday, 25 June 2012

Hitler Does A Poo Poo

No one will ever forget the time when Adolf Hitler was sitting with a classroom full of Hitler Jung (toddler version of Hitler Youth) reading 'The pet Jew' in a beautiful magic moment not at all staged for the cameras.

Suddenly the the bunker Chief of Staff walks in and whispers those fateful words, "Old Knudsen ze stormbringer has landed at Normandy and he ist pissed offen."

Adolf sits there for seven minutes with the children in an indecisive moment which he described in his book 'Mein Tod' ......... " Fick! was all I could think, I vas paralyzed with fear. Old Knudsen vill certainly jam klein Adolf up."

If you can read this post then thank a teacher, if you can read it in English then thank Old Knudsen, if the letters are all jumbled then you may be dyslectic or high ..... in that case Thank yer Gog or yer dealer.  

This oh shit! moment in history was brought by Old Bitter Balls ....... the blog that leaves an after taste in yer eye balls.