Sunday, 17 June 2012

Game Of Drones

If you ever decide to go to America on hols here are a few places you may want to visit ..... oh any Islamic jihadists just go fuck off as lightning has killed 30 times more Americans in the US since 9/11 and the Yanks just laugh in the face of lightning hahahaha! ..... zap!

That will teach you Einstein for not believing in a personal Gog.  

64 drone bases on American soil. You may think that modern day war is blokes choking on sand and wondering if the ally that they have been friendly with over the past 2 days is the enemy ready to turn his US trained M-16 on them but its not .... well it is but its not.

Much of the war is a spotty kid with his joystick back in the US fighting/playing for his cuntry. GW Bush ordered many drone strikes during his 8 years of terror and got some important targets but Obama has out done him on drone strikes and getting the Al-Qaeda big lads..... see? the useless fcuker has done something good, he just doesn't brag about it. 

Don't go see Disneyworld go see the bases launching the Shadows, Ravens and wasps . Over in Maryland a big drone crashed only last week as the geek at the control got distracting during World of Warcraft so Maryland, "can we have our drone back please?" fuck sake those lot are worse than Iran for holding on to drones ......... like a neighbour holding onto the tools you lent them, not cool.

All this talk about drones is making Old Knudsen well horny.

Look at the drones on that!

All these drones can and have been used to spy on the movements and tits of US citizens too. Helicopters over head are for the weak!

Question of the day!  What kind of bees make milk?


See its all related, bees/drones not just an excuse to post naked .......... ach who is old Knudsen kidding?