Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Doon Low Is The Way To Go

 A survey was done in Northern Ireland probably just because people just can't believe how backwards the folks in Norn Iron are without seeing the figures with their own eyes.

About a quarter of people polled said they they would not be comfortable having a ghey living next door to them.
Homophobic dickheads you may shout and yer probably right. The people of Northern Ireland have been bred for centuries to take offense at anything and everything by the manipulating English who used the Ulster/Scots settlers to oust the Irish Catholics from their lands ...... much like how the English brought over some Ulster/Scots families to get rid of the troublesome Indians so they could expand New York.

We pride ourselves on being the neighbours from Hell.
They're at it again!

Many may think that its only about hating gheys but did they take into account that the straight neighbours would be ghey by association?
Yer hoose may also be targeted by brick and bottles filled with paint throwing yobs who feel threatened by gheys because their own sexuality is at war in  their own hearts. 

Do you want gheys living beside you in case yer hoose gets fire bombed too?

Its no nice and the fact that the law prevents us from shooting people who cause trouble doesn't help. Sometimes its difficult to stand up and do whats right.

Just recently a young couple with a wee premature baby had their wheelie set on fire and pushed up against their door with the words 'Polish out!' sprayed onto their walls. The young family in a quiet street in Belfast got out safely the only thing is that they weren't Polish, total arsonist fail.

You just can't predict the level of stupidity of some people.

Old Knudsen would welcome having a ghey living next door to him.

As long as they weren't ghey men.