Sunday, 24 June 2012

Cheryl Cole Smells Like Egg And Onion


Not a known personality in the US but quite famous in the UK.... so not really famous then. 

Cheryl Cole is a singer and ex talent show judge with a horrible Geordie accent straight from the housing estates of Newcastle upon Tyne. 

The 28-year-old sweet heart of the British people and fashion hoor bag claims she is always being accused of farting because airplane passengers think she is too famous to care about concealing her bodily functions.

Many have claimed the same about Old Knudsen. They also say he stares at weemen's tits, smells like pish and is creepy as fcuk .............. Can you imagine such a thing?

Cole says she looks around to see who it was that farted and because she is so famous and hot everyone is looking at her with accusing eyes. 

Maybe its because she lifts up her arse cheek while she rips one off and says, "good arse I thought you were dead." 

No the secret of farting is to do it in one place and walk to somewhere else letting an unsuspecting fool walk into it. Then you return to the scene of the fart and blame them.

If you can't walk to somewhere else and its a loud obvious one then loudly proclaim in a disgusted voice, "Fuck (insert name) you stink!" even if they deny it they still look guilty . 

"Thanks Old Knudsen the next time I let off a chunky I'll blame me old ma."

You can always tell the level of fame someone is at by the news stories about them. You don't have Angelina talking about such things.