Thursday, 7 June 2012

Bear With Me

Did you know that the Antarctic is the only continent that does not have a McDonald's ?  Yer ignorance astounds Old Knudsen. There is one in the Arctic Circle in Pitea, Sweden which did Old Knudsen no good as it was the South pole that he was walking to.

Yep Old Knudsen saw a Burger King, KFC, Wendys and even a Del Taco but no fcuking McDonald's, is this not the 21st century?  Do we not have rights to a Big Mick or are penguins second class birds because they can't fly? Well they can fcuking fly if ya throw them hard enough.

 Why was Old Knudsen walking to the South pole? Well since ya ask it was fer charity. Yes Old Knudsen's cold black heart can turn a shade of grey and warm up now and again.

Old Knudsen is about to ask you fer money for the cause so brace yerselves.

Did you know that there are no Polar bears in the Antarctic?  No its true , terrible but true, probably due to over hunting or the fact that so many fast food restaurants are doon there. Old Knudsen is raising money to fly a few Polar bears doon there and release them.

Not too many big names besides myself want to get in on this except for Kevin Spacey and I think he only wants in so he can ride me .......... Old Knudsen may let him do so..... for charity, so why not? 

Join Old Knudsen in raising money to repopulate the Antarctic with Polar bears, if they can talk about bringing wolves back to Ireland then we can do this.