Thursday, 24 September 2009

Things That Matter

Hello peeps, I hate the west!

My old friend President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran is giving speeches about the evil west and the rude Americans are walking out, if this wasn't a cuntry full of sand savages that Russia is pretending to denounce Old Knudsen would be worried about yet another silly stone age war.

At least the Yanks (AKA the Great Satan) didn't sit and talk loudly on their mobile phones through it you know what they are like.

In the scheme of things what does it matter? Sarah Michelle Geller had a baby, fucking 'A' as far as Old Knudsen knows its her husband's sprogg which lets me breath easy. Old Knudsen is disgusted as they named the wee fucker Charlotte Grace WTF? There are so many cool names like 'Spud' or 'Turnip petal' but oh no they want a name to get the child bullied at school by the other celeb kids like Sparrow, Princess Tiaamii, Kal-El or Pilot.

16 members of the pop sensation 'al-Qaeda' escaped from a prison north of Baghdad. They lined up and climbed out a bathroom window and then took turns to climb over a ladder propped up against the wall.

What an amazing bit of bad luck, for Iraq that is . Old Knudsen thinks its time they let the cuntry defend itself the training is over they have all the American know how they need.

Fenian cocksuckers otherwise known as the Catholic clergy are back in the news ,10,000 people living in Britain who were brought up in Ireland's schools and orphanages run by Catholic religious orders say they are 'missing out' on any compensation because they fled to the civilised UK . Maybe when the Pope goes to the UK in 2010 he'll have some change on him.

Here is a simulation on Old Knudsen meeting the Pope, don't worry I win in the end by saying, "look a young boy" the holy terror looks and I hit him with a polystyrene rock.

The British/brutish singer Lily Allen says she is giving up singing because most of her wages gets eaten by privacy and I don't mean Johnny Depp. Old Knudsen doesn't do this shit for money hes an artist, learn from me Ms Allen.
I decided against a picture of Lily Allen cos Olivia Wilde is far better to look at.


Fat Sparrow said...

I meant to read about the walkout on Ah(you have to "hcccccckkkk" when you say it)medinejad but as a lazy American I couldn't be arsed.

Apparently being an actress doesn't pay all that well either. You'd think she could afford some decent clothes to go out in. And I really do believe that if you name your child "Olivia Wilde" you might as well expect that she's going to become a hoor.

Donn w/2nz said...

Say what you will but Ahneedajob is a genius for having a warm-up act like Gaddaffi-Duck. Even G Dubya Boosh would sound like a rocket scientist after that!

I'd like to see Lily Munster in that! Yvonne De Carlo was smokin' hot.

Donn w/2nz said...

Q. OMG! Is Sarah Michele Geller Ross Geller's sister? How did I not figure that out?

Drinky Crow said...

She's nice looking. Is she part negro or something or just tanned?

Drinky Crow said...

Nevermind. She's a cunt. Like you.