Saturday, 26 September 2009

The Pope Sees The Light

Well not really the light its called the areola borialis as we tit watchers would say.

On the Pope's visit to the Czech Republic he saw what a female's breast is like and renounced Satan and all the ways of boy buggery and shouted to the heavens for God to take him into the folds of the Protestant way.

Old Knudsen must remind his Popeness that a Prod can only see a woman's breast if he is married to that woman and only in full light if seen in reflected in a mirror. The only other way is to find a loop-hole in the bible to be interrupted in such a way that works.

Old Knudsen in 1948 while exploring in the Holy lands found a load of scrolls near the Almost dead sea.
On those scrolls were many things that were left out of the bible because of the deadline with the publisher, don't worry Old Knudsen has kept the knowledge safe but won't go into details on a blog read by infidels but wearing a cap and being Old Knudsen gets around a lot of dog and catma.


MJ said...

Doesn't his cap look like a tit?

Old Knudsen said...

its worse than that its pure evil.