Sunday, 16 August 2009

No Really I'm Going This Time

Old Knudsen in Jellystone park, yes he did climb El Colonel then he jumped using his flag as a parachute cos that is how he rolls.

Well I had me count doon clock and the blog didn't delete, what the fuck? Well its been three years doing this shite and now I need to go and grow as a person and watch cunting sunsets.

I'll leave my blog up for any TV execs that decide they want me to write more but for money and fame. We all need money during this time of recession so I'll only be funny for free if I want ta ride ya, as I said to David Carradine 'We must all tighten our belts'.

"Old Knudsen how do you get yer ideas?"

"Funny you should say that Mr letterman like you I have a team of writers but unlike you I have threatened to kill their families if it isn't funny."

Top ten reasons why Conan O'Brien is better than letterman:

1) He isn't Dave Letterman

2) He is funny with or without writers

3) I've said it all no need for any more.

The Time Lord Old Knudsen still lives in what we call bendy time as opposed to linear time so if in a hundred years or so he may comment on a blog or something, who gives a fuck its only blogging ?

Old Bitter Balls will remain up as will my other blogs hidden within my links maybe some day I might desire fame again and do that networking shite but I doubt it Old Knudsen is a blogger not really a blog reader. He hates to see so many brutalise the craft of blogging.

Obama heard that Old Knudsen may be leaving the blogs and so sat doon with meself (mine is the large beer) the Kevlar Rooster and Spike Lee. Obama wanted a token black there and Lee may want to do a film starring Denzil as to my actions in the middle east during the 8 day war in 1967 between the Israel army and the armies of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. Yes I did mean to say 8 days as 6 days of fighting is for the weak and Old Knudsen needed more scalps.

You too can donate yer hair for cancer charities that make creepy looking wigs for cancer victims, Old Knudsen doesn't like to talk about his humanitarianism.

Its been real people but my life calls for drastic change and my lady gurly boy friend Woohoo takes it all out of me, hey there is nothing ghey about swallowing the load from a hot woman with a dick.

Read the papers to see what Old Knudsen is up to. What section you ask? why the obituaries of course.

Yeah yeah it won't be in the funnies I'll spoil that joke fer ya.


Donn said...

Okay I just get back and now this?
Let me send in the Negotiator and we can talk about this..just don't do anything drastic.

Do you have any hostages?
Want some Pizza sent in?

Anonymous said...

So you are undead now?

Spokesman for the Entire World said...

Fuck off and die already.

northern musings said...

Oh you just go and have a beautiful life KnĂștur... Will maybe visit this site for nostalgic purposes in the future. If ever you are in Iceland know that you are more than welcome in the little fishing village in the north - I might even buy you a beer.

Manuel said...

that spokesman for the entire world stole my line....heh

Old Knudsen said...

DC I want a large pizza with extra sass and hostages.

mago I always was but living in America has that seeming normal.

spokesperson person not man you sexist cunt! I have died fer yer sins too many times now its yer turn.

Northern Muse you know I'll be heading to Iceland for a beer now maybe even some sheep balls.

Manuel Lets not get into to this whole plagiarism thing I've dropped me case against you lets move on.

Xmichra said...

well this is sad.

I have dropped with the commenting (not that witty with your omg posts) but somehow, the blogosphere will not be the same without you Knuddy.

dai said...

You are a fuckin' tease OK, I just cheked in with Gog and it says you'll be back as usual.

Well, as usual as OK gets.

Looking forward to carrying on, at work of course.

one day they'll be looking for an excuse to sack me, and you might be it.

Nick Cage Revealed said...


Old Knudsen said...

xmichra I'll be a lame part timer blogger type, fuck i hate being on the lam though I like lamb.

Dai I hope I am the reason you get the sack though yer performance during the two wars of terror has been amateurish at best. Before you present yer agency with the intel you've gathered check it on that is free advice lad.

Nicky Cagey I would explain it but someone who has Mater from cars movie on a non blog does not deserve an explanation, take what I give you and take it hard and be grateful.

MJ said...

What about my alimony?

Boxer said...

huh? I came for the explosion.

never mind, then.

Carnalis said...

thank goodness for google reader.

I'm not turning you off, not yet.

Nick Cage Revealed said...


Leah said...

Lame part-time blogger--I'll take it if that's whatcha got.