Monday, 20 July 2009

This Must Be The End Of Times

Old Knudsen just spent a lovely few days with his best mate The Grinch hunting hobos in the San Fernando Ana Gabriel valley, its more of a basin than a valley but still nice hunting territory.

Colin otherwise known as The Grinch almost bagged a Velcroraptor but because of his heart condition he couldn't keep up, sticky things to kill. Speaking of which this post is about Stickys or Fenians as some know them by.

Only the Americans like the Irish even though George Washington after having them beat the English in some major skirmishes turned on them for taxes thus proving yet again what a two faced traitor he was. He was employed by the crown and not only did he cheat on it but he did have 9 gurlfriends, must have been the teeth that attracted them.

Oh it was the English who invented the Irish St Paddies cross.

Canadians don't like the Irish, listen up MJ, CANADIANS DON'T LIKE THE IRISH especially the Jewish Canadians, bacon and Irish. Isn't it funny that the Irish are almost human and pigs are close to being Irish which is why they use their hearts and feet in transplants?

Old Knudsen proudly served in the Black and Tans and has had enough of this Irish loving cuntry.

He has also had enough of Eva fucking Lungeria who has to appear on everything including this blog.

Cindy Crawford here wans the truth and I'd wish she'd stop camping outside my hoose and shouting, "Sell us yer wiggle" every time I water me plants. I actually do have a wiggle but how would she know that? maybe she hears me yelling "wake up Jeff" all the time.

There may be other reasons to leave but I can't think of them now.

Ok my ladyboy friend has decided she has had enough persecution for being a chick with a dick. Its how God made her damn it!

Old Knudsen is Penis whipped by Woohoo but a vadge will do. She spent thousands of me money in Vegas and so she can't afford the op poor thing.

So here is where Old Knudsen gives you the chance to laugh at him. Because of Old Knudsen's Ma being from Ulster Old Knudsen can get an Irish passport which he needs for various tax and Woohoo's immigration needs. In no time Woohoo will be able to get her lad removed by the NHS in the UK once I smuggle her in as Irish.

Yes its love that Old Knudsen has to give in and become that which he despises the most ........ a bog trotter.

I'll ride them but to become one is a different matter.

How can I be Old Bitter Balls when I look like this? I can always hate the Slavs that is quite popular right now.

Old Knudsen is proud of his blood and his British passport even though the Brits are desperately trying to get rid of Ulster and have been for years but even the Irish don't want them.

Old Knudsen fought for the Ulster kingdom of Dal Raida which stretched across to Scotland. The Romans were too ascared to fight us, when Old Knudsen ran at soldiers with his big sword they fled like chickens being chased by a chicken choker. Old Knudsen has the blood of the old Gods who now live under the mounds, the vikings who now live in the great halls of Ikea and the Gaels who live everywhere cos they breed like flies in his blood, no not flies in his blood though I did have a bot fly lay maggots in me scalp. Old Knudsen became like and ancient God giving birth from his head.

Old Knudsen is very occupied at the moment and next year he expects to be moving back to killamory as an Irish Ulster Scotsman, yes I understand that Ulster is a gheylick name, just fuck off its a difficult time for me I must go and kill some more brain cells in order to pass the Irish immigration test.

'Here are two spades, now take yer pick'

Look here is a hot woman, now you can't remember a thing the post was about, yes I do know my readers.

Anyway the post was about the right to die and I believe that you should have it. In Switzerland they charge you 4 grand to kill you legally what a fucking scam that is, Old Knudsen does it at a reasonable rate illegally.


MJ said...

I'm here to administer your Guinness enema.

TROLL Y2K said...

That was long.

Conan Drumm said...

Tá an áthas orainn, Paddy.

Old Knudsen said...

MJ cut out the middle man and just dump it doon the shitter.

trolly must I say it again? ok then 'Thats what yer ma said last night!'

conny wha? I wondered who the first gloating spud shagger would be.

Foot Eater said...

All this banging on about the English and the Brits and the Ulster Fenians and no mention of us Taffys. We gave you David Lloyd George and Charlotte Church and Shaking fucking Stevens and still you ignore us, look you. I mean fuck you.

Donn said...

Now I'm really worried about that a bong in her hands? That damn show is so hard on her.

We, the people, should have the right to die as well as the opportunity to encourage millions and millions of others to off themselves asap!..
preferably without leaving a big f*cking mess to clean up.

Ending it all should be affordable so that the great unwashed in the Lower Classes can finally do something usefull for a change and the Upper Class Twits need to know that there are tax advantages to be had.

Fat Sparrow said...

Oh my god, you ARE a magical leprechaun! In the last week alone, you have made Eddie Waring AND Footie reappear!

Tell me where to rub to get decent TV to come back, and I swear I'll do it.

Old Knudsen said...

MR Eater I thought you had died from the sheep disease. I should do a welsh post except........... sorry I fell ass sleep.

DC so you got from that post a naked Eva and people killing themselves, good on ya lover boy.

fat Sparrow If Gorilla Banana turns up I'm quiting.

no not really.