Sunday, 26 July 2009

Cunts Of Colour

Police were called to the Whitehoose when it was reported that a gang of white weemen raping Negroes with huge erections and nines were trying to break in.

Senior officer Janice Hawker responded to find one high yellow fellow in a suit. When she asked him for identification he yelled, "You wouldn't ask a white man for his ID you racist fascist pig who has put the black man doon for hundreds of years."

Officer Hawker who loves black cock and was gagging for some replied she would and so suspected the male of being high or drunk.

The suspect who claimed he was president Obama was asked to do a field sobriety test which he failed, this consisted of dancing, speaking Ebonics and giving dap.

Once officer Hawker saw how white he was she gave Mr Obama his crack pipe and bottle of malt liquor back and said, "Carry on practicing being black sir and have a good night."

Mr Obama replied, "Iiiiiiight sugar titties, don't be hating da playa."

Meanwhile on Who wants to be a millionaire:

No friends left to phone as they have all taken cyanide, yer 50/50 of the audience put into camps and the answer you didn't like has been taken away and executed.

For $200 you said "B: Jews start all the wars, is this yer final solution?"

In Venezuela

Danny Glover discusses with his friend Hugo the chav the implications of racism on the young and how to plot the doon fall of white America with extreme leftist propaganda.

Old Knudsen is bored with racism, gheyism, ageism, sectarianism and any other isms you have going.

A big gun with a lot of bullets in the hands of Old Knudsen will only bring about peace and harmony for the world.

The only acceptable ism is sexyism.


Eddie Waring said...

You forgot jism...

Donn said...

When did Danny Glover get so silly?

and doesn't the Screen Actor's Guild have a Denture Plan?.
seriously, have you "heard" Glover in Shooter with Marky Mark?