Saturday, 27 June 2009

Sexy Saturday

You knew it was just a matter of time. Old Knudsen is on a macrobiotic diet and exercises for 3 hours a day. To be honest macrobiotics taste like shite and its the 3 hours of boaking that is toning my body, ah well better out than in.

I have to get into shape for my new movie role in the martial arts film Enter the drag queen . I play an LA cop (with a Scottish accent) sent to investigate a murder among the drag queens in China toon. I get to do all kinds of thrusts and grapples it should be out in time for Christmas then I'm straight into the movie Transformers post op fun.

I have been getting rave reviews for my role in the Weekend at Brenda's film in which I'm in a hoose and the lady who owns it 'Brenda' suddenly dies leaving me with the question, what should Old Knudsen do next?

Don't bring the kids to see that one.


TachaƩ said...

that is like a horrible crossbreed between conan the barbarian and cher.

Anonymous said...


I wanna SEE it! Is there a possibility to revive DIVINE?