Friday, 12 June 2009

Israel Has Soul

This picture shows Obama on the phone to the Israeli prime minister. Don't ask me his fucking name cos Old Knudsen doesn't care unless its something funny like Sharon.

Many Israelis are outraged because Obama is showing the soles of his feet while on the phone which is a sign of disrespect. Old Knudsen suggests the immediate nuking of Israel and hey why not the rest of the middle east?

Its a fucking sign of disrespect among Arabs, yes I know back in the day when Judaism was invented it was a load of Arabs that did it. Israel has gone native, they have been hanging out with the pedo Arabs for too long, get back into Gaza and do some more war atrocities and shake off the silliness.


MJ said...

Is showing my arse to you a sign of disrespect?

Leah said...

I've read several posts on this in the past few days. Yours was the only one that made me laugh.

Old Knudsen said...

mj depends if you've wiped this time.

leah Its all very silly as is many of the other reasons people find to get insulted, lucky it didn't show Michelle with her head uncovered talking to him as an equal.