Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The Irish Post

Futurisic plans are underway for Dublin, this is how it should look in 2035.

So any way a few years back Old Knudsen was in dirty Dublin which since it had 14 hooses and a horse stable is the capitol of Éire and I was standing outside the Tithe an Oireachtais when who do you think would walk past but just the Taoiseach and the Tánaiste who are obviously from the Roinn an Taoisigh, I started to chant, "leader leader" but they just ignored me in a strange accent . So then I picked up a slapper selling cock rings and butt plugs a live a live oh, for a punt and half a euro bar she performed Fochoiste all over my chest and then I gave her a good Ard Rúnaí up the Áras an Uachtaráin.

Does anyone really understand the Irish? What is going on here and why? I didn't photoshop his penis it actually looks like that. The lad loves himself.

A close up view of the wab shows it to be poorly. I never get sick of the naked mole rat thing.

Since Old Knudsen is an Ulsterman a-mong other things he does like a bit of gheylick from time to time. Scots gheylick being the more superior dialect but Irish feels more dirty and forbidding.

Ok, Old Knudsen will confess all that gheylick lark is Greek to him and when he goes onto a bog trotters blog and they are talking Irish politics Old Knudsen is devastated. Its a tiny cuntry but its politics are 10 times more dreary than Canada's politics which are part French and dull.

A typical Fenian cunt.

I read the words of the mucksavage blogs and think so why don't ya pick a language? its like Spanglish the Diego rattles on in their dirty Latin then suddenly they have to use an English word because they don't have a Latin word for it for example the words soap, hygiene and education.

So Ireland has a President and a Prime minister, what about a Queen? hey show some respect Oscar Wilde is dead.

Oscar Wilde sure sums up blogging: "Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth."

Why does Ireland need a President and Prime minister? The Uk is bigger and only has a Prime minister, the US is a little big bigger than the UK and only has President though I haven't seen the fella yet as his man servant slave keeps standing in the way.

If aliens attacked and the world united against them as was Crazy arsed Reagan's wet day dream would the President of Ireland (which is a woman) out rank Prime minister of Great Britain Gordon brown texture like sun? (which is a Scots man) I really don't think so, while the UK fires its nukes at the invaders the Irish will start lobbing spuds.

Then there are the political parties Fine Gael and Fianna Fail. Ok the first one is obviously a typo and typical Irish don't know better and repeat it, Fine Gale is what it must be to represent the good wind beneath the wings of the party.

Fianna Fail is a bit distressing as even an old injun/Fenian fighter like Old Knudsen knows Fianna means soldiers and as Ireland doesn't even have a modern day army the word fail because it shows you how unambitious they are and are quite happy with terrorists as a form of military with their 1970's haircuts and missing fingers from bomb practice.

No no no stand back do ya hear Old Knudsen knows, and you my poorly educated friend only thought you knew.


MJ said...

The Irish are armed with potato guns!

Donn Coppens said...

The Irish have turned the act of carrying a multigenerational grudge against thy neighbour into a Science, an Artform, and a way of Life..AND they maintained all of this asshattery under the guise of adhering to the Christian faith?!

Old Knudsen said...

mj They even call their kids spud, potato and chip.

Dc To be fair the English do envoke those feelings in others very easily,as for religion Jesus said "turn the other cheek" as a distraction for Peter to behead them with his sword........ka-chow!

Boxer said...

I believe!

Anonymous said...

I like the Irish. Friendly people. Good drinkers.
These potato guns are a derivate of the good old Franconian Klos-Gewehr. We already downed jet fighters with it!