Friday, 5 June 2009

Grabass Friday

In the US its national Grabass day so get yer padded gunties if you have white boy arse

Or a flat hairy pancake butt.

Wow its really burning in there and inside the hoose, "Someone should do something about this Jan."

The magical qualities of the cap will shield you from prosecution.... would I lie to you?

Its all fun and games.

Until some bitch puts his hands all over Gerard's bum, I'll fuckin scratch his eyes oot! "THIS IS BUTTOX!"

In her day Amelia Earhart was just a silly bint who crashed her plane into the sea. Navigator Fred Noonan seen here may have been distracting her.

Go on grab some ass, you know you want to.


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Anonymous said...

Chakk ... yeah, groove in ...

ARSE bum Chakk ... Arse bum Chakk ...