Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Libtards Get Triggered

1998 sequel to The Fugitive 

I've had so many jobs that I watch movies and scream out, "YOU DON'T DO IT LIKE THAT NO WONDER YOU HAVE A FUCKEN PANDEMIC" which might be why I'm no longer allowed in many movie theaters. 
Unlike weemen that think they can change a bad boy by marrying them and the religious who think they'll win the lottery eternal when they die, Old Knudsen has limits on his suspension of belief.  

A clumsy plot device that has me saying 'why the fuck did they do that?' can spoil a film which is why idiot slasher movies do nothing for Old Knudsen. The Producers of Dr Who and Sherlock seem to have whole shows devoted to clumsy and illogical plot devices. 

Tranquilizer guns that aren't tranquilizer guns just to give a cliffhanger and a dog bowl with Redbeard on it and there was never a dog at all?????? 

It's a drone, yes I can see that ... such clever dialogue 

Who else wanted to see Sherlock and Watson bounce off the solid and probably double glazed sash window they jumped through to escape the not very deadly deadly bomb? 

In Man of Steel why didn't Clark save his Da from the tornado at super running speed? no one would have noticed unless he stood a round posing like he does ... cos he's a cunt that's why. Batman was right all along. 

MI-6 training didn't include trigger discipline 

You look at a TV shows like The Unit, The Last Ship and you'll see they've been trained how to move. This is one reason why career military don't make great covert operatives unless they are good mimics and actors. 
The movie Lone Survivor may be a custer fuck of bad decisions but they move like Navy SEALs unlike that American Sniper shite.  

If he was really from Texas he wouldn't be afraid of loud bangs like those libtards are ...open yer eyes for fucks sake!

I wouldn't want to clear a room looking for a fugitive with Tommy Lee Jones, besides his inconsistent trigger discipline he flails about and is like an ADHD child playing hide and seek. 

The money shot 

When there is some posing to do they might remember the trigger discipline, it's a detail film makers forget because their experience is other movies and they won't pay for an adviser. 

  Inception was a movie very concerned with the look 

Point your weapon down, if the guy behind you is a pussy liberal and shoots due to a jump scare they'll shoot your leg or foot rather than your head. Don't just rush in and say "clear" you have to check for fucks sake ... you reading this Tommy Lee?   

China has a ton of soldiers, they don't care. 

Poor trigger discipline was why yon lady cop shot yer man who had just broken down. She panicked and fired at the sound of her partner's taser going off.   
Jump scare, tripping up, getting pushed or in the case of the Chinese a bump in the road can make your weapon discharge if yer fucken finger is wrapped around the trigger. 

They may have their safety's on who knows? It only takes one of them to not have. The safety on a FAMAS is just in front of the trigger. Woops a burst of three rounds into yer buddy. Sucks to be you mate.

This Frenchie shows you the proper, well trained way to carry a long rifle. His sling has been adjusted to the front quick to aim method. In Old Knudsen's time we'd barely use the sling and had to hold our weapons in our shoulder at all times except when on parade. It makes you stronger and envious of how easy young un's have it today. 

This is not how you carry it. Also why Open Carry and the American ammosexuals have Old Knudsen's scorn. You are either trained or you aren't. 

People don't pay attention to their kids at the best of times and do not have eyes in the back of their heads. A magazine on a rifle means it's loaded. Any weapon you come across should be treated as loaded until you can clear it/make sure it's unloaded. 

 Clearing weapons at a barrel for dry firing.

If you go inside a building you need to unload and clear your weapon. If the French are brave enough to unload their rifle indoors then you'd think the open carry people would be too but no, they be afraid of the boogeyman .... who happens to be ethnic by the way. 

The US Constitution says about the right to bear arms but doesn't say they have to be loaded when yer picking up yer anti-depressants in Walgreens. 

The gun lobbies are too powerful for any politician to go against them, even for common sense reasons. There is no common sense allowed when it comes to the Constitution. Another powerful lobbyist group would be for Big Pharma ... I hate that term because it reminds me of people that say, "jet fuel can't melt steel" and "wake up sheeple" I'm this close to telling you that marijuana cures cancer and cleaning with vinegar is the answer to anything else that marijuana doesn't fix.  

Big Pharma with Dem and GOP politicians in their pocket are the reasons why healthcare and insurance costs so much in the US and why Obamacare failed to please everyone. 

 Julian Assange or is it Jimmy Savile?

Trump supporters or Deplorables tell the Libtards that they are "triggered" this seems to be a thing now. Obviously when a Liberal talks to a Deplorable they are annoyed right away because dumb people who will put up with Russian influence, bigotry and misogyny are difficult to talk to so by calling Liberals or people like Old Knudsen who just believe in what's right 'triggered' they try to invoke more agitation. 

Many Liberals want gun control because they don't like children being shot in schools but Deplorables love it, it makes them hard so the word trigger works on other levels too. 

There isn't a cure for stupid but if you have proper training with anything it will lessen the stupid.  

Nobody invests in people anymore, just look at the education system. People are to be used and manipulated so those at the top can do as they please. People Open Carry to offend others rather than exercise their rights, they vote Brexit to screw over others rather than work on key issues, they repeal Obamacare cos Obama is a Muslim Kenyan rather than have any other plan in place to replace it. 

We live in a werld of small petty victories being the drug of choice. 

 You know this story is true right? 

Emotion and shouting FAKE NEWS instead of RED FLAG! has taken over and reason is what pussies with some secret agenda do. 

It's easy to get triggered so always remind yourself to have trigger discipline and take a step back before engaging the enemy because they want you to be as emotional and as poorly trained as they are.    

Don't let the enemy decide or control your own state of mind.      

Monday, 16 January 2017

Thank A Baby Killer

Probably didn't kill any babies but hey he might have

Over the last 20 years it has become trendy to put veterans onto a pedestal. The flag loving civvie demands you show respect because someone did something that they didn't and everything they know about the military comes from movies.

Snipers used to be the pariah of the military as for some reason soldiers thought it was more honorable to be face to face with the enemy when you kill them though bomber pilots were never thought of the same way as a sniper was.

After some movies sniping became cool and even though Chris Kyle lied/exaggerated about shit including what medals he got and his kills he was still considered a hero by many.

Clint Eastwood makes a crappy movie about an invading force killing people from afar. I wonder if he'd make the same movie but with Russian soldiers in Ukraine instead, same kind of premise, neither side should be there. 

Being a veteran myself I don't get the adulation and think it's dangerous glorifying the military. The saccharine thanks and demands that vets be treated special and outrage when a flag is burned is just bullshit. It was a job they didn't put their boots on and say, "gots to go and earn some freedom for asswipes to bully others with ... oh and the flag" they got paid or if they were drafted they didn't have a choice.

Those who join up after falling for all the jingoistic crap no doubt got schooled real fast. Pat Tillman gave up an NFL career for the red white and blue and was shot dead by accident by his own side. A reminder that death and war can be more stupid than glorious. The Bush admin lied about his death and used it to recruit more calling him a martyr hero until they were caught out. 

Still no shouts of "jail Bush" ... very odd.

We don't need your thanks but I'm sure American vets enjoy the reduced Disneyland tickets and other discounts they get. 

Civvies are stupid and are usually held in contempt by those who have served. Not all, just the ones that ask how many Japs you killed etc. Rebecca Landis Hayes parked in a veteran's parking space at the grocery store in North Carolina. She doesn't usually but the two spaces were empty.

When she got out there was a note on her car.

She thought that someone had hit her car but no it was civvie stupidity. After 8 years in the Navy she had more than earned the right to park there but civvies only think men can be veterans. Such a lack of basic intelligence. 

In the 19th veterans of the The Crimean War were given social housing priority on streets named after battles like Balaclava, Inkerman and Sevastopol. You have vets with PTSD and a constant reminder of it everyday. Not too smart.

John Kerry on the right

The Vietnam war had veterans being despised. No home coming parades and being spat on and called baby killers in the street. None of those soldiers wanted to be there, many were drafted or if like the President elect you could get out of it with a vague medical condition that didn't prevent you playing sports you did.

I'm too rich and important to die, let the poor people fight the war. 

Can you blame someone for not wanting to enlist? It's disgusting that rich people could get out of it while others couldn't but to be pro-serve your country in war is dumb if it's an unjust war. Yay you get to kill some Gooks thousands of miles away because they are Commies ... awesome!

The most patriotic, sabre rattling people are usually chicken hawks. Civvies that don't mine others going to war.
Trump of course is worse than most as he disrespects everyone unless they have a use to him. He slagged off a POW who was tortured and slagged off the parents of a fallen soldier, now Trump is commander in chief.

Obama is a chicken hawk too but at least he showed respect. His coffee cup salute really isn't as bad as calling captured pilots losers. I'm not demanding you show respect because they turned up for war, just show some decency towards them. 

Secretary of State John Kerry has walked the walk. He won the Silver Star for bravery and 3 Purple Hearts which means he was wounded 3 times in the line of duty.

He went back to Vietnam to the place the crew of his PCF94 swift boat were ambushed. He spoke with
Vo Ban Tam who was on the Viet Cong side that night.

The VC had an RPG and were shooting at Kerry's boat to make them move into the line of fire for the RPG. Kerry jumped ashore and shot the RPG soldier dead thus saving the lives of his crew. That was some brave shit from the then 26 year-old Navy lieutenant.

Vo Bam Tam knew the fighter that Kerry had killed, he was 24 year-old Ba Thanh. I don't know how much closure this has given Kerry. You could say it wasn't Kerry's fault and if he hadn't killed him his crew would have died, it makes sense but with emotion, guilt and war there is no clean cut sense to be had.

When Kerry returned States side he joined the anti-war protest. Things got ugly and they were branded traitors and Commies yet soldiers weren't regarded very highly either ... make up yer fucken minds.

Would anyone that served actually join a pro-war protest? How stupid would you have to be to be pro-war? War has its place but should only be a last resort not something to protect monetary interests or to bully other nations as per the up and coming invasion of Mexico.

Kerry is a boring dry shite that looks like George Washington or Herman Munster. He could actually be a reincarnation of ol George himself. If Washington ran for preez today his military record, switching allegiances and his many military failures would have him lose.

Washington was brave but had his moments of crying in front of the troops. John Kerry was called a traitor and a flip flopper for merely speaking out about Nam just think if he had changed sides like Washington for fucks sake.

Kerry failed in his Whitehouse bid with vets speaking against him and people claiming that he had shot a teenager during that ambush. I don't see what difference that would make. If a woman or 10 year-old was about to shoot an RPG at you then you have full permission to kill them before they do.  That's war bitches.

If you were really worried about teens, women or children getting killed you wouldn't be very supportive of Obama and his drones. Out of sight out of mind. 

People pick and choose who they venerate and who and what demands unquestioning obedience. It has nothing to do with actual life experience. If they gave a thought to the atrocites carried out by some military (not every vet shot a gun or dropped bombs) personnel upon the innocent would they yap on about their precious flag?

They they probably would because blind patriotism and nationalism is only for the incredibly stupid and yes the sheeple.
Without jingoism no one would join up for the never ending war. Now it's sweetened with college money and home loans while in reality many service families are on food stamps or go to food banks.

Sing yer cuntry songs about how proud you are to be whatever you are but remember that the other side is thinking the exact same thing just different names and faces. 

"Nationalism is a disease of the brain controlled by the heart" ~ Old Knudsen    

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Evidence Of The Golden Shower Gate Scandal

In the Gold room at his Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida filled with evil gold chairs. 

Trump likes gold FACT! He also likes to cheat on his wives FACT! He also loves Russia FACT! so when a story came out that he enjoys getting golden showers from Russian hookers no one was really surprised. 

People online said they could believe the hooker piss stories easier than they could that he was President. 

No proof? Well for years Trump insisted that Obama wasn't American and never let the lack of proof get in the way of denouncing him. Even when Obama's birth certificate was shown Trump declared it a fake because he knows things about birth certificates that no one else does.   

When Trump called Hillary crooked and said she should be jailed there was no proof, in fact she had been cleared but that wasn't good enough for him ... well until he won and then it was all 'let her be she's suffered enough' get used to him breaking his promises.

We now live in a werld were proof and facts are irrelevant and where yer opinion and rumor carries more clout. 

During one of Trump's many visits to Russia in 2013 he was staying at the Ritz Carlton hotel in a room he knew the Obama's had been in before. He hates Mrs Obama as he says she's just a 4 and so when his local contacts were able to furnish him with some prostitutes he got them to defile the bed the Obama's had slept in by urinating onto him as he lay there lapping it up. He also enjoys beating off watching them piss in front of him. 
According to FSB sources he'll shit into the mouths of less attractive hookers as he screams obscenities at them .... so just yer usual healthy sexual appetite then. I actually expected something nasty, ah well.

a reenactment of the night. 

The Russians knew what Trump was like and over the years had complied much of his inappropriate behavior in a file.  The sources for this story are numerous ex-Russian intelligence officers and a former British MI-6 agent. 

The room that Trump stayed in on this occasion had been bugged with video and audio recording devices. It's normal FSB procedure to tape foreign visitors in the hopes of finding incriminating evidence about them. 

Hillary Clinton's security knew to sweep for bugs but still the FSB were able to intercept some of her phone calls. In 2009 they knew all about her explosive diarrhea after eating some dodgy seafood, she loves her shrimp cocktail which then led to the highly publicized attempt to assassinate her in 2012 with poisoned seafood sauce which luckily only killed her personal assistant/food taster.      

The FSB recruits operatives/assets through blackmail, bribes and coercion, they usually go for aides or businessmen who can gain access to targets like G7 governments. France with their elections are one of the main targets for the FSB right now. They "worked" the Slovakian election in mid 2016 and put in a Russian friendly leader there. Trump would have been a good asset back then and an even better one now.    

As you know Old Knudsen has been an operative for SG-19 for years, he still has contacts in the company that owe him. The details of his past are classified but Dallas, you are welcome, as are you Prince Charles. 

Old Knudsen was able to get a still photo from that cold Moscow night in 2013. It shows a male who looks very much like Donald Trump with a known Russian prostitute and an unknown bald man, possibly Phil Collins. There is a sheet on the bed so we can only surmise that body fluids were going to flow that night. Both men seem to be licking their lips so maybe they had just had a taster.  

Old Knudsen puts his journalistic reputation on the line to state that from this photo is real and from what former and current operatives have told him that the Golden Shower Gate scandal is 100% true, you can believe me. 


Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Will We Even Notice WWIII?

A US warship fired warning flares at 4 Iranian fast attack boats that were approaching the USS Mahan in international waters. They came within 800 meters of them.  

800 meters, talk about being touchy. In Oct 2016 missiles fired from a ground base in Yemen towards 3 US ships caused them to return fire on the Iran-backed Houthi rebels. They think the rebels used small boats to spot for a target so maybe this is why they are touchy.

The US supports the Saudi Arabia attacks in Yemen as that poor fucked up country is of strategic importance. It's a pawn and no one cares who dies there as long as they aren't white. 

I cannot state enough how important this strait is

Being around the corner from the Strait of Hormuz and on the Gulf of Aden, Yemen is a key place to launch drones from until the US friendly and propped up government had to flee thus forcing the US to set up in Somalia instead.
When Trump becomes president expect nations like Russia, Iran, China, Israel and maybe Syria take the piss with something to see how he'll react. 

You can go on about Russian interference in elections but the US have interfered in foreign elections 81 times since 1946. Yemen and Ukraine being recent ones unless you include the places the US have invaded and set up governments in.

While Russia is helping France pick the right candidate to lead them Sweden is getting anxious. For years they have been trying to justify increasing military spending with Russia as their potential threat. They have now told local authorities to prepare for procedures for going to war.

Pakistan has successfully tested its first submarine-launched cruise missile. Pakistan have accused India of spying while India has accused Pakistan of breaking their border ceasefire that killed 19 Indian troops.

Georgia is slowly getting swallowed up by Russia as they move borders and help pro-Russian people form their own states inside of states that became independent from Russian, like the Crimea in Ukraine somewhat. Or the Sudetenland that Hitler annexed in 1938. 

There are travel advisories for Abkhazia and South Ossetia as they are not safe for tourists. These are the two contested areas in Georgia. If you live there then be Russian or get out, that's the choice. 

Russia usually reacts to things but over the past few years they have been planning and infiltrating all throughout the EU and beyond.  

What the media fixated about was Meryl Streep getting slagged off in a tweet. Trump's tweets are designed to cause trending so you stop talking about the Russian hack and him mocking a disabled person. If in doubt mention building a wall or have a flunky say something.

During this outrage over some chick who is good at pretending for a living, Trump gave a top adviser job to his son-in-law and put another old white male bigot in charge of something he didn't have any experience in.

Trump waves his tiny right hand and picks yer pocket with his left.

Trump is also met with Jack Ma, the very very rich chairman of the Chinese e-commerce site Alibaba. He plans on creating a million new jobs in the US by using Ma's website to sell to China.

80% of Chinese online purchases are made on the Alibaba platform. So this is like Trump and Ma cornering the market huh. Money will be made from taxes and whatever cut Trump gets so he makes sure his buddy can do business with ease and get that other 20%.

Soybeans, electronic parts, plastics, copper, paper are the big US exports to China. They assemble stuff and sell it back to the US. Don't look on this as a Trump win, if Obama hadn't set up US/China relations in 2010 which was more successful that expectations there wouldn't be this trade.

Of course the main reason everything gets made in China is because of China's poor business regulations and employee care. They aren't better at making stuff for fucks sake.

Trump is making sure he snubs the leader of Taiwan while she vistis the US as China doesn't like the US talking to them. Ted Cruz met her however because he's low enough down to do so. Trump pointed out that he didn't meet with her and China said you aren't getting any fucken brownie points ball bag, yer expected not to meet with her.

They said it in Chinese of course.

The US sells Taiwan Blackhawk helicopters, Patriot missiles, and other military hardware in defiance of China but you have to pretend not to see it ... politics is so fucked up. If China ever invades Taiwan as they threaten to do then the shit would really hit the fan, this would not stay as a Chinese thing.

Taiwan being a part of China wants to be separate but China wants to unite, it's complicated. If Taiwan gets too big for it's boots and looks like it is closer to being free then China would indeed attack.

Look up from the divisive tweets now and again, there is huge world of shit happening, real shit, life and death shit. If you don't then you will live in a bubble like the Hollywood elite or the rich people in government.

While a new US president is always a worrying thing because they don't know what they'll be like we can already say what this one will be like.

 "This guy here hates fags and I respect that about him"

He is a thin skinned egomaniac that can be manipulated easily to either outrage or support. He wants to look strong to make up for the fact he is weak in other ways.

The guy that takes the dare because backing down is not an option. He'll claim every failure a victory and will lie and brag when he wasn't even involved. He breaks promises and changes his mind on a whim.

Making money is his goal, looking strong is his goal. When does he ever talk about improving healthcare or education? He talks about destroying healthcare. Education is scamming people looking to better themselves at a dodgy Trump university. 
He doesn't know what his voters have to deal with but he does not what they don't like and he can work with that.       


Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Fort Lauderdale Shooter

Esteban Santiago got on a one way plane ride from Alaska to Fort Lauderdale Florida. His only luggage was his Walther 9-millimeter pistol and some ammo.

He went into the restroom of the airport, loaded his weapon, walked out and started shooting the first people he saw. He emptied his first mag and reloaded firing about 15 shoots in total that killed 5 people and injured 6 others.
He then dropped his gun and lay spread eagle on the ground.

You have TSA grabbing women by the pussy in the name of preventing terrorism but no fucken armed guards? Attacks won't happen from international flights anymore they'll happen from home grown crazies or people that have stayed hidden for a while.

  The index finger salute as seen by ISIS and sports fans.  

He was born in New Jersey and his family are Puerto Rican. The 26 year-old was in the army reserves for 6 years and served in Iraq. His family say he changed after Iraq from the things he saw. He had been given some mental health treatment for it. 

Discharged for unsatisfactory performance after he just stopped turning up he was employed by a security firm in Anchorage Alaska ... Signal 88 ... could that sound anymore white supremacist? I'm not saying he was one, yes you can be Hispanic and be a white supremacist or rather just a racist accepted by white supremacists because you aren't too dark. Being a vet will get you respect from assholes that would normally hate you.

  Disturbed ... no shit. 

He had been arrested for domestic violence when he strangled and beat his girlfriend about the head. His court date was to be March. He had also gone into an FBI office in Alaska and told them his mind was being controlled by US intelligence, some reports say he said he was being made to fight for ISIS.

He left his newborn and his gun in the car when he went into them. 

His gun was held for a few months and then given back to him in December. Innocent until proven guilty no matter what he did. 

It was said he wore a Star Wars t-shirt when he did the shooting, did he shout "Admiral Ackbar!" I wonder. 

Many many soldiers have PTSD but most do not go on a killing spree. He wasn't a convicted felon and hadn't been diagnosed as being mentally ill ... even after a mental health evaluation. 

They probably said, 'he's a vet, lets give him a break, he's just having a hard time' because vet's shit doesn't stink to many of those that didn't serve.

The guy was having a psychotic break and he was still allowed to have a gun. Would he have killed 5 people if he didn't have access to a gun? Slack US law says you can carry your legally held gun in a case as luggage and even carry ammo too. 

There is following the Founding Fathers bullshit about being armed and then there is being stupid. They didn't mention airports so fix the fucken laws.

American freedom is laughable. 20 children get shot dead and people are more worried about being allowed to have guns. To the point that they then totally deny that 20 children and 8 adults died at all and claim it to be a government conspiracy. Why do they make it so easy for people to be shot dead? 

Obama is caught with personal data on millions of private citizens and rather than be outraged at that they call Edward Snowden a traitor instead. 

Thanks to US freedom an 84 year-old granny was among those killed. 

I don't care what his motives were he should not have been allowed to get to that point. His PTSD should have been treated more than it was, he should have not been allowed to hold a firearm and where was child protective services? 

What the fuck do you have to do to be classed as a threat to the FBI for fucks sake? No wonder bad shit happens. The country that has the world's largest and best funded war machine needs to look after its worn out cogs more .... but does it really care? 

Like voters to Trump, soldiers are only useful when they serve a purpose, otherwise chew them up and throw them out. Hey they chose to join up.

As of yet we don't know if he was radicalized, does it matter? he was mentally broken in Iraq, crazy doesn't need a motive. I wonder why he picked Florida though, the first flight he could get maybe? 

Timing, blind luck and fate had those people get to that place in their lives to be shot dead. To not dander, to walk faster or take your time only to be blindsided as you pass the restroom door. Sometimes even being alert won't help you when shit happens turns up to the party. 

The cause and effect comes into play with the Iraq war, lack of mental healthcare, the holidays and freedoms.

A gun at an airport legal or not, in the luggage shouldn't be treated as normal. The TSA lose their fucken minds over scissors and a woman wearing a fanny pad for fucks sake.     

Back off on the TSA and work on stricter regulations and armed guards. If there were armed guards would this crazy coward have opened fire there? Sure he might have picked somewhere else or decided against doing it who knows? Airports should be safer though, did they not learn anything from the past 16 years?  

Monday, 9 January 2017

Japanese Cops Don't Need Arms They Have Fists

Reading about gun ownership in Japan or the lack of it led me to look at its police service a bit closer. A population of 127.3 million they have 27,000 legally held rifles and half a million shotguns though these figures have gone down over the years.  Their law is "No-one shall possess a fire-arm or fire-arms or a sword or swords" .... if any Americans are reading this then please lie down and breath before going any further.

 You Japs are soo un-American it hurts me! 

Male Circumcision at birth in Japan is not very common so they lack that anger that most Americans have. The Yanks don't know why they have it because the trauma happened as a baby. They are told it's the social norm but at the back of their heads they must know they didn't have a choice, like when someone is raped. Just better not to think about it huh, lets shoot guns and fireworks and other penis substitutes and no one had better try to infringe on me doing it.

The Japs are masters of resentment rather than anger and this discipline is taught to them so they know why they are fucked up. "you are unworthy, not perfect!" which explains yer man stabbing 19 disabled people in a care home to death in 2016. He was polite enough to hand himself in afterwards.

Tomohiro Katō who carried out a knife attack killing 7 in 2008 said, "If only I had a girlfriend, I wouldn't have quit work. I would never have become addicted to my mobile phone. Anybody with hope couldn't possibly understand how I feel and I don't have a single friend and I won't in the future. I'll be ignored because I'm ugly. I'm lower than trash because at least the trash gets recycled."  

Fuck up Kato ya pussy. No wonder his parents made him redo school homework, made him eat scraps off the floor and stood him outside for hours in winter as punishment. Yer low self esteem is no reason to kill innocent people, take it out on yer parents for fucks sake. 

You can't have handguns in Japan (the same in the UK) and gun licenses only last for 3 years. You have to attend an all day class, pass a written test and score 95% on the shooting range. A background check, a check for drugs and mental illness, links to extremist groups and yer relatives and work colleagues get checked out too. 
Guns and ammo need to be under lock and key in separate places and the police will inspect yer guns once a year. After 3 years is up you have to do the tests all over again. 

If you shoot a bullet or a shell you have to bring the empty casing to one of the few gun shops in Japan if you want anymore bullets. Gun ranges have been known to be put on lockdown until one missing casing has been found.     

Gun violence and homicides are ridiculously low with 3 shot dead in 2012 and 12 in 2013. But but what about other crimes? says the ammosexual trying to use whataboutery as a means of reasoning. Tokyo has about 40 muggings a year compared to 11,000 in New York. 

Knife crime is the deadliest kind of homicide since swords and guns are regulated so strictly. Yet still the homicide rate was just 0.3 per 100,000 people in 2015 so not really high anyways. The Yakuza have a hard time getting guns and still kill fewer than US gangs. It isn't worth it, a gun will get you 3 years to life prison sentence. The average sentence for just having them is 7 years. You can't have yer peeps that know too much put away for merely possessing a gun.

The Japanese police solve 75.9% of robbery cases and 95.9% of homicide cases that in itself is a pretty good deterrent.  

The police don't separate themselves from the public. They have police boxes or tiny stations called  chuzaisho (if officers can live there) and koban as just a place to keep guard. In rural areas the police family may live just off a chuzaisho. The public goes to these boxes for help and even advice in non-crime related things like raising children. 

 A typical Japanese man who likes to eat sooshi and drink Shaki

If the police have a good relationship with the public then they are more likely to get told good stuff. Bicycle theft is a big crime there so you may get stopped and asked to see yer bicycle registration. Yep, you need to register yer bike when you buy it. 
Foreigners will often get stopped and asked for ID it's very difficult to get Japanese citizenship if you don't have Jap blood so it's a good way to keep a slitty eye on those sneaky immigrants and their taco carts.  

Due to the lack of crime in Japan you'll get foreigners targeting the place to take advantage of the Japs who aren't as wary as other nations. 

  A Chinese cop tackling a loafer 

Status is important in Japan as it has always been and someone that hasn't been to University may take 5 years to become a Sargent while someone with a degree in art history may take a year. Nothing to do with being more intelligent. 

 US cops apprehend a suspected jaywalker

While many Japanese police can and do carry firearms they have to account for every bullet just like the public and leave their gun at the station when they are off duty.  A cop who killed himself while on duty was criminally prosecuted when dead. The yearly average shots fired on duty by police for the whole cuntry is around 6 in total, in the US that would be the amount fired at one person for fucks sake. 

 Another means of torture .... sushi.

Tomohiro Katō the forever alone dude I mentioned earlier dropped his knife when armed police pointed their gun at him. He was taken alive. Japanese police always try to use other means than violence. Sumaki was originally a means of torture in which you put someone in a straw blanket. The person could then be beaten or thrown into a river. 

Japanese cops will rush at a violent perp with blanket like things and they'd wrap them up and carry them off like you would a dead hooker in a trash bag. It gives the person time to calm down. 

They'll also use batons if they have too, they spend hours practicing kendo which is beating each other with bamboo swords. Every cop also has to have a black belt in Judo. US and UK police also require black belts but that's to keep up their trossers .... of course the US belts are elasticated. 

You can't compare the US gun problem to other nations because there isn't really another nation like the US. They kinda missed out on the ideas of the greater good and how to live as a society. The US is a nation of mavericks. Tell them to put up with being asked for ID and they go all "that's unconstitutional and profiling I know my rights"  ... just show yer fucken ID and stop making trouble, no wonder their cops want to shoot them. 

Israel and Switzerland have more guns per capita than the US and fewer gun crimes but they also have training and accountability not as bad as Japan, they don't give out rifles if you open a bank account or buy a car or something ...  what fucked up cuntry would do that? 


Japanese have low crime, can follow direction, take orders but it's a far from perfect place. At least 70 suicides a day, often suicidal parents killing their children too. 

Guns aren't an issue for them, they can get along without them. Guns don't kill people but if you misuse them and give them to any fool then you have the US. Less guns does mean less gun crime duh but so does accountability and training.