Saturday, 10 October 2015

Carson Blames The Jews

Gravity also requires faith so keep believing or we're doomed. 

Old Knudsen didn't like Carson at first because he was quiet and not standing out from the presidential nopefuls but now he has brought his A game and it is a train wreck of comedy gold that is outdoing even Trump.   

Carson grew up in Detroit though his parents both came from rural Georgia. He only found out he was black when he appeared on African American lives TV show and found his ancestry as 20% European and 80% African, he vowed to have that 80% surgically removed as he identified with being white... have you seen him dance? .... no ass either.

Giving a talk on eugenics.  

He has modestly said that  his hand eye coordination and three-dimensional reasoning made him a gifted surgeon and has wrote several books on how he's fucking brilliant at neurosurgery with only 6 malpractice law suits against him. One being for removing all of a tumor against the patient's wishes leading to damage even though the tumor was later found to be benign and another was leaving a sponge in someone's head and telling them it was a tumor .... his survival rate is still higher than his kills though. Of course most of his patients are now drooling vegetables but still alive so yay! 

I loved your TV show Bill,  those sweaters were horrendous ... It's Ben GW.  

After the Oregon shooting Carson said that the victims should have tackled the shooter. Surgeons don't need facts, they use their 3 dimensional thinking at a level that normal plebs cannot comprehend. He hadn't heard of Chris Mintz who was shot 5 times after tackling the shooter.
He then told the story of how he got the craving for fried chicken during black history month and went into a Pop-eyes restaurant. A bloke came in and shoved a gun into his ribs. Carson used his natural superiority and told the guy that the person behind the counter was the one he should be robbing.
That was presidential thinking right there. If the shooter had killed the server then society could have replaced them no big deal but if Carson was killed how could he be replaced? It's for the good of humanity that he saved his own lily white skin.      

By 'us' he means those who have profited the most from private healthcare. 

Carson, a Republican candidate and  possible white supremacist then talked about his favorite topic, Hitler. He said that if the Jews had guns then the Holocaust would have been diminished. Fighting against Hitler with guns ... why didn't the allies think of that?  

He also said there were 6 million Jews, why didn't they tackle Hitler? If they had been less cowardly they wouldn't have died, why did they not use superior reasoning skills and suggest that the Nazis kill they gheys or Slavs instead?  .... oh they were already doing that, oops. 

In 1933 when Hitler was trying to come to power with the Nazi party's 38% of the vote an Austrian Bishop Gfollner called for all Catholics to be antisemitic, there had been an anti-Jew movement ever since the Germans retreated during WWI when they hadn't been losing, they blamed the Jews for doing back room deals. 
President Hindenburg appointed Hitler as German Chancellor and he starts to seize control over his rivals and starts to blame the Jews for losing WWI and for the current recession. 

Father Charles E. Coughlin had a radio show in Detroit saying how the "Shylocks are causing the Depression"  80,000 letters of support a week, with about 70 % from Protestants, he also has many US senators and representatives as supporters too.

So this Jew blaming in the 20th century wasn't just in Nazi Germany as people prefer to remember, even the 6 year-old Princess Elizabeth was learning the Nazi salute from her uncle.  

After banning Political demonstrations and crushing the communists the Nazis gain 44% of the vote. Hitler assumes complete power.  So you see it wasn't the whole, 'why did the people put him into power?' he worked the system. 

The first of the concentration camps were built, there would be 1000 by 1945. This is still only 1933, he then sets out to brainwash the people with his blood and race art of square chinned blonde people. Rewriting history and even German law to promote the white Aryan type Germans. Even Jesus was turned Nordic.  

Jews and non-Aryans are banned from the practice of law and from jobs in the civil service. Jews in government jobs are made to retire except for WWI veterans. He carries out employment and economic sanctions against Jews and non-Aryans which are those with Jewish blood even if they aren't in the faith. 

The Nazis make a law to prevent too many Jews from gaining higher education ... a similar law to the one in place in the US. 

Hitler says he is only doing to the Jews what the Catholic Church has been doing to them for 1600 years. He later bans the Jewish ritual slaughter of animals for meat.   
While Paris and London hold anti-Nazi protests Norway forms its own fascist party modeled on the Nazis.  The American Jewish Congress declares a boycott of Nazi Germany. 

Still only July of 1933 and 30,000 are in the concentration camps.

With boycotts of Germany all around the world Hitler bans Jews from the fields of journalism, art, literature, music, broadcasting, theater and farming. 

The newspapers are then seized and controlled by the government.  Criminals homeless, beggars, unemployed and alcoholics are put into concentration camps. That's really anyone they want, all they have to do is accuse.

The Arabs riot in Palestine at the increased immigration of the Jews there. 

Now with all political rivals in camps and the population under control the Nazis get 93% of the vote though they were the only ones that could nominate candidates. 

Albert Einstein proves he's a genius by getting the fuck out of Germany for the US. Later he'd turn down ruling Israel as he was against a nation set up by terrorists. He believed in political freedom, tolerance, and equality, that says a lot about Israel.     

That was all in 1933 when people were allowed to have guns.  

In 1934 thousands of Americans have a pro-Nazi rally in Queens, New York. Congressman Louis T. McFadden delivers an antisemitic speech to the House of Representatives. 
An extreme anti-Semitic group is formed in Poland. Germany and Poland have a 10 year nonaggression pact signed. 

In Germany Jews are longer entitled to health insurance. 

The Nazis persecute homosexuals, especially those in their own ranks on what was called the Night of the long knives. The pogroms begin in which Jews in other cuntries aligned with Germany are slaughtered in the hundreds. 

In 1935 increased antisemitism in Poland with the Catholic church doing much of the discrimination. The future Pope John Paul II claimed to have been friends with many Jews as a child in Poland, he started to learn about the priesthood in 1942. I suppose you can invent whatever past you wanted to if there is no records. He some how managed to stay out of all the fighting. 

Like other groups throughout history Jews Not Wanted signs appeared in shops and restaurants in Germany. Jews were also banned from joining the military. 

Martin Niemoeller was a Protestant pastor who supported the Nazis until they took over the church. He was eventually sent to a concentration camp for his rebellious sermons. He was the one that said. 

"First they came for the Communists, but I was not a Communist so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Socialists and the Trade Unionists, but I was neither, so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew so I did not speak out. And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me."

Jews are disqualified for German citizenship. No voting rights, could not hold public office, not even the WWI vets, the Jewish children weren't allowed to play with non-Jews and no mixed marriages. 

Still, they were allowed by law to have firearms.

In 1938 Sigmund Freud flees Austria for England. Synagogues are burned down, Jews are forced to eat grass in a display of humiliation and the pogroms continue. Jews have to have identity cards. Jewish doctors can only work as nurses for Jewish patients. Jewish lawyers for Jews and children have to go to Jewish schools.

US car manufacturer Henry Ford accepts the medal of the Grand Cross of the German Eagle because he is a cunt.  
The American Virgin Islands were offered as a haven for Jews but the US government didn't act on it. Chamberlain appeases Hitler while Winston Churchill said that Palestine was not an option for Jews to settle in.

Whoaa! Black man with a gun, the 2nd Amendment never meant for this, oh it's just Ben Carson, he's all white right.

Why did I mention all of this? To give you an idea of what was going on and to blow the whole first they take away the guns argument out of the water. Martin Niemoeller never mentioned guns in his wee poem, this is a modern American idea.

In 1938 Hitler relaxed gun owning laws, before it was rules from 1928 which was well before Hitler that made you have a permit and to be of good character so Jews could have had all sorts of guns then and later on they could do what people do today, break into the house of a gun owner and steal their guns.

In 1938 rifles and shotguns became unregulated but that was when the Nazis banned Jews from owning guns. So much had been taken before the guns had been taken.

Blaming the Jews in hindsight is ultimate victim blaming, you weren't there Carson, you don't know or at least fail to understand how difficult the government can make if for you to live that worrying about your next meal is your key concern.
Yeah we'll just get some guns, a few million rifles and shotguns .... oh they have submachine guns, fancy, it'll never catch on.

I'd like to see the US gun nuts take on the government, they'll soon discover that their semi-automatic weapons are no match for tanks and drones, also not everyone is as paranoid and full of unrealistic gun courage given to them by years of action movies. You think that taking your assault rifles is stripping you of yer rights like Nazi Germany then you are a fuckwit..... a self-entitled, spoiled pampered fuckwit. 

The 6 million Jews would have merely been slaughtered faster like in the Warsaw ghetto when they did fight back in 1943. Why didn't the German people fight for the Jews? Why didn't the Catholic church stand up for the Jews? Why didn't the International community attack instead of denounce and boycott? Everyone trying to avoid a war like WWI that they sacrifice a few things here and there.

Britain and France had around 400,000 troops with rifles fighting the Germans in 1939 - 1940. They were trained fighting men and they got their ass handed to them which led to the Dunkirk evacuation. The Germans remarked on the skill and the bravery of the British Tommy with their Enfield rifles, holding back the Germans with their machine guns and tanks in order for their comrades to get evacuated at Dunkirk, 12,000 were killed and 41,000 captured.  

Britain and France were still imaging WWI and were pitifully prepared for WWII. The Germans were fighting a modern war that relied on fire power rather than accuracy, much like the wars continuing to this day.
Could a load of civilian Jews, not all of them men or of fighting age have made any difference to the Holocaust? Just because they didn't fight didn't make them cowards, they believed in humanity and they and the world were not prepared for what was to come.

Carson you are wrong to judge in hindsight considering it's a proven fact that not even all soldiers will fire back at the enemy when under fire. People don't react the way you'd think they would, you cannot assume they will.
More guns would not make a difference and won't today. If you use a weapon to fight with the chances of that weapon being taken away from you and used against you is high, especially for the untrained population. Just because you have a gun doesn't mean you can use it.

Owning a gun never made Old Knudsen feel extra safe because you aren't always near it, you can get taken by surprise and the other person maybe faster and have a bigger gun. It's an option but shit happens which is why even cops and soldiers get killed.

You, unlike the Jews have given up your rights anyways. That Social Security number that follows you all yer life, those consent forms, the finger printing for some jobs and to receive benefits, the personal info you gave to Facebook, the GPS in your phone and also letting the government keeps records of you and your e-mails and texts .... for yer own safety in case of terrorism.

I don't see you fighting back. That's because the government wouldn't kill us. Well they might imprison us but killing the Native Americans, the Boers, the Irish, the Jews, that's history right?

I live in the UK, handguns are illegal, semi-automatic rifles are illegal and you must have a permit and a reason to own a rifle and a shotgun. Self defense is not a valid reason especially if no one is trying to kill you. Our rules changed after some wankers took the piss with weapons and killed people. It took one school shooting and one street shooting to get here.

You get the odd nutter with a shotgun shooting people but it's rare. Our children don't get shot at school and in all the other gun free zones they don't get shot either. We don't need a gun to feel safe, sure we have violence but not 9 people killed at a time violence, the people usually live and another thing, with the lack of guns the government isn't marching us into the ovens like how all the US gun nuts say they will and our guns laws have been this way since 1996.

Most police in the UK don't carry guns, the threat of terrorism since 9/11 has increased the numbers of armed response teams even though over 30 years of IRA terrorism didn't. Old Knudsen lived through the terrorist years in Northern Ireland which is why I laugh at the small balled Americans clinging to their gun courage. Life is a lottery and if your time is up a gun probably won't help much.

You'll probably put yer eye out. 






Saturday Nonsense

Someday you'll look up from yer phone and see that life has gone on without you. But that's ok cos it's not as if yer life was like Old Knudsen's or something. I just got back from Monte Carlo where I won 50 million in a game of Solitaire, I then gave it all to charity, a lovely lass, very appreciative.   

So anyways, any doctors reading this and should I be concerned about this?  I was just out feeding the birds, this is nothing, you should see my fat balls.

It's Saturday, I just got refills on me medications and the office still haven't noticed that the petty cash has gone so anything is possible. Because you lot are my bestest friends I'll tell you this, if later on you see an old man lying in the street in a pool of blood choking on his own vomit cross the road cos it's a trap ... ach I do love Saturdays. 

Friday, 9 October 2015

Death Happens

At the end of the game both the pawn and the king go into the same box. 

Death is the great equalizer, the older I get the more I hedge my bets with the afterlife. It's difficult to pick which fairy story is the correct one considering no one has come back to tells us. I often look to the sky and say, "Please dear gods just show me a sign"  then I get knocked doon by the number 42 bus on the way to Cockwood. 

"Was that a sign, can I have another just to be sure?"  

I've been seeing a lot of TV commercials very concerned with the debt you'll leave loved ones should you die, then there was yon fella in the mall with the free will with every life insurance bought. I don't like the idea of life insurance, too tempting for some. It should be called death assurance.

Then there was the crazy psychic who told me I was going to die and to get my affairs in order. I came clean about the possible STD's they may have caught and ended my affairs ... I'm not dead yet, just horny and lonely. 
I doubt my family will claim my body, if I die anywhere near them. I fully expect to be dumped by the side of the road. Don't waste money on a grave or cremation, let me join with the earth and be something for children to poke at with a stick on their way to school. Make sure you harvest my organs, I promise not to take over the host body. I really hope me eyes goes to someone with a hot wife ..... I do like to watch. 

Old Knudsen has died before, once for yer sins but after 3 days he came back, then when the planets had aligned which brought him back again and then in the future when his clone had his consciousness downloaded into it, and then when he was attacked by a rage infected ape in Tesco, ach Old Knudsen's life often seems as if Steven Moffat or Joss Whedon is writing it at times. Old Knudsen has died and cum back more times than Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural.  

Did Old Knudsen survive man flu or did he really die from it but just appears to be alive? 
 Wow Old Knudsen I totally believe you.

I would not be surprised if you didn't believe me, luckily you all know how honest I am and would never make up such things.   
When Orifice offered me the choice of pills to take either the blue one ... the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.

Or the red one ... you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I'm offering is the truth. 

Well I don't do too well with choice, I freak out at Subway when they ask me what I want on me sub, we Brits are used to putting up with what we are given, choice is something that Yanks are into. I took both pills to be on the safe side a few green ones I had saved for special occasions. Now I know all about the rabbit's hole. Now I see that U are at the centre of truth.

The billionaire will die as will the hobo, both will probably shit themselves too. When Old Knudsen eventually rages against the dying of the light you know for sure he'll not go gentle into that good night. All the gods, angels and spirits will be on alert and there had better be a nice cuppa waiting. 

Do not grieve, for Old Knudsen will be on just another adventure but don't go messing with his stuff for who knows, he may return. What kind of god would create humans and have them spend 70 - 100 years experiencing, learning and maybe even growing as a person to just have all that thrown away? 

As Maya Angelou said "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." 

Will you feel more than just aroused when Old Knudsen dies? Never fear, when I gets my new body I'll no doubt blog about it. 


Thursday, 8 October 2015

Cos You Gotta Have Faith


Can you have faith in the divine and still be an intelligent, rational thinking person? I often come across people who know it all .... no not teenagers, I'm not allowed around those anymore since yon misunderstanding.

Adults who have all the answers because they were told the answers by someone they have decided to be better than them or read them in some book. How ignorant do you have to be to think you know all the answers? Not even scientists know all the answers so don't go buying real estate in Siberia thinking that soon it'll be thawed out prime vacation land. We are finding and discovering new things and new ways of doing things all the time.

Easter island was decimated by Polynesian rats, the colony at Roanoke moved in land due to years of drought and the survivors assimilated into the native tribes. There is water on Mars cos Matt Damon used it to water his potatoes with.   

The key to being wise is first to admit that you know nothing. Well we all know something but can we really be certain of some things? Jimmy Savile was no surprise but popular entertainer Rolf Harris who was much loved for decades turned out to be a molester of young girls .... your world view can be so easily skewed.

Missionaries bothering people in the street should be ashamed.

I don't think being a person of faith is anything to be ashamed about. If you go around spouting verse and banging on about yer imaginary bodyguard then by all means, feel ashamed you twat.

When we define things we limit them.

Old Knudsen has faith, he isn't sure what he has faith in because who can know everything? He reduces god or gods to his level in order to communicate but who listens? Prayers to heal someone's illness or to get that new job are belittling to any deity, they aren't there like yer fairy godmother to grant yer wishes.

Yer wishes may be granted or not and that is because shit happens that is one of the absolute truths of the world.
Prayers don't help but they don't hurt either as long as you back them up with reality. Praying for yer clap to clear up is useless if you don't go and get medical help. Not even the vast majority of religious folk sit at home and prey rather than going to the hospital. They also take out insurance and lock their doors at night.

Faith obviously has its limits and they subconsciously know this.

Would God want you to pray for a lottery win or for mercy to those who cannot help themselves? Ach I pray for both cos it doesn't hurt to ask and I talk to myself a lot anyways.

It's the intention, not the words that matter.

God doesn't walk around watching you while you drive to werk or sit doon and have a shit, yer getting him/her/it mixed up with Santa or yon DUP preacher who put the hidden cameras in his local office's restroom.

You demean god by thinking he/they are like humans, if we can squish a fly or a spider and not lose sleep over it would you like a god that could do that to us as the Bible claims he does? A volcano isn't evil it just is.

God, the divine, nature, the universe whatever name you give it isn't evil, isn't good, it just is and is made up with everything. If an Atheist says that science can explain everything then you must wonder why we still know fuck all about nature or even the human brain. I doubt there is one magically being deciding everything though you never know.    

I suspect that letting go of our petty needs and feelings and accepting that we are a part of things rather than the be all and end all of things is a step closer to the divine. If it happens it happens .... whatever that maybe.

Why could God be soo insecure as to need your constant praise? Absolute power corrupts absolutely, you'd better hope that God is not like us otherwise he'd be a total cunt with an overinflated ego. Would that explain the state of the world today? It would be too easy to blame God or even the Devil. I think the blame for how the world is today rests squarely on humanities shoulders.

In the early days our gods had more limited power, even the creator gods. As we grew and figured more stuff out our gods learned to multitask and became all powerful, they evolved as man did coincidentally.

I can't remember the last time I saw god, oh that's right it was when he was fighting yon frost giants with his son Thor. They both died in the end but Odin's 8 legged horse got away which is why we have 8 legged horses to this day.
Oh you don't see god, you feel him. I suspect that would be a chemical imbalance, commonly found in religious folk or maybe yer choking on the shit with yer head being up yer hole and all.

When the Pope does good by feeding some poor people in Rome or when he blesses a disabled child is he really doing good? The world sees it and knows about it so he gets instant browny points, he is doing it for reward.
Like how he made a missionary responsible for killing half the native population in Callyfornia a saint, did he do that for reward? The shrinking of the faithful means he needs more souls to suck off which is also why he is forgiving sinful sluts who have had an abortion .... his werds, not mine. Are his actions morally good?

Tolstoy said "It is much better to do good in a way that no one knows anything about it."    

It's nearly Thanksgiving time, I suppose people will be going to soup kitchens to give out food to the homeless for a few hours for one day in a year so they can feel good about themselves. Do you have to announce to the world that yer willing to take in refugees in order for it to count?

Is there a Heaven? We just don't know. It has never been described in the Bible as a cloudy city, or anything in fact. Is there an afterlife? Yet again we don't know. I've seen things that I can't explain and I don't mean floaty visions of old Victorians phasing through walls at night in a haunted house, I mean people and shapes during the day in places you'd not expect them and when you weren't 'ghost hunting' so what were they?     

I felt totally sane during those times so I ruled out mental health issues, shadows and tricks of the light. Also the obvious being that it was another person .... who happened to just vanish into nothing.

Ghosts, spirits or beings from dimensions beyond our ken, I can't convince you and why should I? What they were was proof for me that I don't know everything. Do I believe in aliens and UFO's? I can't say, but I leave myself open to the possibility of them.

We never see the whole picture but are a tad too quick to decide what is what because having an answer makes us feel better even if it isn't the right one. 

A thinking person can have faith as long as they remember that change is nature and it the only absolute, otherwise known as shit happens and you can't do anything about it.



Wednesday, 7 October 2015

TV Sanity

It has been 10 years since the movie Serenity was screened, way to feel old huh. Serenity was the movie from the much loved and cancelled too soon series Firefly created by genius Joss Whedon. We still have our boxed sets to remember it and we'll always have our resentment at Fox for being dicks who didn't promote it enough then showed the episodes out of order then cancelled it citing low ratings and the fact they just didn't get it. 
Janye Cobb as played by Adam Baldwin is the character I can identify with the most. Who doesn't name their favourite guns and sniff unfamiliar objects? 

Sarah Jane and her sonic lipstick, we need a female Dr Who with a sonic vibrator.  

The BBC announced a new Dr Who like show for younger viewers and compared it to Buffy the vampire slayer (another Whedon show) so in other words they are filling in the gap that the Sarah Jane Adventures left when the lead actress who was a Dr Who companion in ye olden days died.  

The Internet yawned and said, "who cares, why aren't you bringing back Torchwood?" what annoys Old Knudsen is comparing BBC dross to Buffy which was really more of an adult show anyways. Not even Dr Who is as good as Buffy or Firefly. Close with Sherlock but no cigar. You just aren't good enough BBC.

Speaking of crap TV shows. I've been watching Fear the walking dead out of loyalty for the other TV show The walking dead. I've been hoping for it to get better then it had one good episode, # 5. Then I heard that episode 6 was the season finale .... WHAT THE FUCK!!!! 6 episodes does not a season make.

Lost season 1 had 25 episodes for fucks sake. The walking dead also had a first season with 6 episodes though this spin off might not make it to season 2 because it's so stoopid. Who the fuck lives in LA and wears a hoodie with Pomona on the back of it?
Oh look an infected person who just ripped someone's face off, they are still people, just dead and reanimated, lets go and help them and maybe talk them through their anger issues.

Teenagers are bratty assholes, teachers are bleeding hearts, Hispanics are gang members and soldiers are trigger happy sadists, all the cliches. 

The whole show is like someone's bad idea of what people in LA should be like. If it does get a second season then my Firefly resentment will just continue to grow.  

I only watch crap TV shows to keep me sane but if they become as stupid as the people I meet in the real world Old Knudsen may not be sane for much longer.   

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Vaccines Cause Mass Shootings

Ralphie Parker was a quiet 9 year-old boy who didn't have any friends and mostly just  played Call of Duty and GTA 5 online in his room for hours on end. At least his parents knew where he was. 

An average student he liked the Saw and Purge movies and The walking dead and Game of thrones on the TV.  Just a normal child who wanted to be a sniper just like his heroes Chris Kyle and Deadshot from the DC comics. He was also looking forward to the new Deadpool movie.

Why then 6 months ago did he take his AR-15 into his elementary school to shoot his classmates and then himself ? This has confused his parents to this day. 

Mr and Mrs Parker think they know why. Last year just after getting a flu shot (it was a nasty strain last year) Ralphie got into trouble at school for sending pics of his dick to the girls in his class as well as to two of the female teachers, he got a 3 day suspension and a week long time out from his favourite web site Pornhub and had to do at least one of his chores or part of it. 

He just didn't seem to be the same. 

That year for Christmas he asked for a US military KA-BAR fighting knife and a puppy, somehow the puppy ran away, Ralphie didn't want to talk about it I guess he was upset about it. Other pets in the neighbourhood also ran away, it was as if they could sense the coming storm.

In the new year Ralphie started drinking more and more, he was becoming a shell of the young boy who would cheerfully chase the other family pet a Rack Russell terrier with his beloved assault rifle shooting "bang bang" until he accidentally shot poor Whizzer. 

He was moody, resentful and talking more uppers and downers than he really should for his age, he'd become aggressive if confronted and who has time for that? 

To this day his parents put 100% blame on the flu vaccine shot he got. Were they to blame too? Maybe because they believed the shot would prevent him from getting the nasty bug so yes, they are to blame for caring too much. 

Guns and young socially inept males with no empathy or role models and a poor grip on reality don't kill people, vaccines do.      

Empty Nose Syndrome

Oh look, I've won the lottery in Uganda, didn't even know I entered it. 

Old Knudsen freely admits to not knowing everything, he only knows about 98% of things, the other 2% being things like what you had for breakfast or where that pen that he really liked went to and what happened last weekend when he woke up in a strange house covered in blood. Boring 2% shite. 

It's always good to learn new things though, except for math, that can go tae fuck. I learn, I notice and I complain like fuck. At my age bowel movements and complaining are two of the things that make life bearable.

Here is what I recently learned and observed. If you get a load of bees and squish them together to form a short rod and put a wick down the middle of them they don't burn very well. I suspect that beeswax is just a name and not really made from bees at all. Myth busted, next week I'll be figuring out baby oil, it could get messy. 

Guns don't kill people. Total dickheads who can easily get a hold of guns kill people. These dickheads who shoot unarmed people who are just trying to get an education at college or elementary school always seem to have a lot of support and have loads of excuses made for them, rather touching really. 

I wonder if they would feel the same about everyone having the right to have guns if some bloke went to the school where their child goes to and killed them with his legally held firearm. Does it take that for these people to see that the US has a problem? It won't be solved with background checks but to not even want to try is a special kind of evil callousness. 

Some people seem to think that Muslims are afraid of bacon in the same why that a vampire is about garlic or crosses. I love those movies when the vamp pretends to be afraid then has this look like 'wise up' on their face as they push the cross aside. People like the EDL or Britain First use the old bacon comments to offend Muslims but never do it with Jews, odd that.

I suppose they think that Jon Hamm or Kevin Bacon are the perfect role models or maybe even dead pig's head fucker David Cameron.  

I also learned that people are more willing to believe that Prime Minister David Cameron fucked the severed head of a pig in order to get into a secret toff club than believe that he is willing to take in thousands of Syrian refugees.

I discovered the difference between a refugee and a migrant. The former is fleeing danger while the later is moving for economic reasons and if they are white they then get called ex-pats but only if they are white. 

Hilary Clinton (the next US preez) is an utter asshole .... who would have thought it? Secret Service agents regard being on her detail as punishment as she'll reply to yer morning hello with a "fuck off" maybe she isn't a morning person, I think that's a perfectly reasonable reply. When Old Knudsen used to wake her she'd usually shout "get off me" but it was in a polite way. 

Old Knudsen used to intern for Hilary. 

A retired SS agent tells about her rude behaviour in a book he wrote just in time for the elections. He doesn't have an agenda but thinks that Trump would be a lot better to guard except for his constant bright orange glow, you couldn't be very discreet there. As Donald said, "Everyone says that Donald Trump is the best, Obama is horrible, concrete is heavy and every rose has its thorn"  ..... What a leader.

Old Knudsen reckons Bernie Sanders wouldn't need protection cos he has all that old man strength and you'd be stupid to try it on with him.  
Don't you dare confuse Sanders with Jeremy Corbyn. Sanders would rip Jeremy 'my vagina is crying' Corbyn into pieces in a cage fight.   
 Don't fear the raper .... er reaper.

The Pope met with Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, he told her to have courage and to stay strong. The Vatican then went into spin mode and issued a statement that said the meeting with the Protestant hoor bag and telling her to stay strong was in no way an endorsement of her anti-ghey stance on same sex marriage. 

Like the shooting spree apologists many were out to dismiss the meeting by saying it was a quick hello and goodbye and the Pope didn't even know who the fuck she was, he is always saying stay strong to everyone, even to pedos and donkey rapists .... doesn't mean he means it for fucks sake. If you've met the Pope and he told you to stay strong then he probably really did mean it and I'm not belittling yer special moment one bit.  :::sniggers::::

Nah if you wanted to know how the Pope feels then just read his own words:    

"Children have the right to grow up in a family with a father and mother capable of creating a suitable environment for the child's development and emotional maturity. Today marriage and the family are in crisis." 

He also met with a ghey couple and spoke about everything but them being ghey. Aye he's a lovely fella, so progressive, except for gheys getting married and raising kids and women in the church but still. 

Lie to me bitch, the truth is too ugly to face. 
 Obama and Putin .... obviously
The US was reminded who the big dog really is when Russia finally decided to bomb Syria. The US, UK and Saudi coalition of evil have been bombing targets carrying out kinetic action in Syria for months. They claim to be targeting ISIS towns, bases and oil refineries but in reality they bomb empty towns or refineries still run by Assad. 
Now with Russia in the mix the US is upset because they target anyone who isn't the Syrian military and that includes the Free Syrian army who the US have been training and equipping to overthrow Assad. The Russians are probably the only ones with permission to bomb Syria so outrage from the west is kinda funny. 

I suspect the west will lose interest in fighting ISIS in Syria all of a sudden, what I've learned from this is that I've been right all along. Meanwhile the US-led Nato force are bombing hospitals in Afghanistan, don't worry, I'm sure the 19 people killed understand that it's friendly fire .... the wars are over anyways right? 


Monday, 5 October 2015

Old Men Do It Better

Me and Mohamed al-Shifty, he's a moderate fanatic.

The various shooting sprees in the US has people yapping on about how if the young men wanted guns and to shoot people they need to join the army and do it for real. Yes by all means, take these young men and subject them to military abuse life until they shoot themselves like private Pyle did or become efficient well trained killing machines cos that's what we need ... not!  

Old Knudsen travels the werld and kills  defends freedom for real, he doesn't want no virgin yahoo with issues about organized religion as his wing man. Get over it the priest touched you up and you know what? He says you were shite. He said, "I've bummed better hobos but who am I to judge ... stay strong."

Young men have no business going into the military, older gents are far better. I'll no get into the whole weemen in the military thing because out in the real werld nails get broken and hair gets messed up, just you make sure the kettle is on as I likes me tea after I bayonet charge the fuzzies.

Like I remember what to do with this. 

Young men think about sex every second thought. Whenever a young lad goes to the supermarket he can't pass by the fruit and veg without wondering what it would feel like if he put his dick into a melon or rubbed off against some onions in yon plastic netting. Old Knudsen knows what all that feels like, been there done that he ain't gonna give it much more thought.

Young men would be tricked into giving away vital information as soon as a female smiled at them and showed kindness to them. Old Knudsen has tasted rejection so often that he treats every friendly female with suspicion. There was a joke running around the mess hall that Old Knudsen's chat up line was, "are you wearing a wire?" .... Old Knudsen didn't find it funny.

If Old Knudsen was captured he wouldn't even give up his serial number .... maybe just the first number which might be a 2. No point using pain on Old Knudsen, he's survived man, pig and bird flu, he had pandemonium and didn't phone in sick. His knees have been shot out by paramilitaries so many times his legs no longer bend, the only complaint he made was when they didn't roll up his troosers that one time.

Pain and Old Knudsen are old friends, especially when he doesn't take his stool softeners.   

 The Russians bombed Raqqa .... I had already killed all the inhabitants .... lol! 

Old men are calmer under pressure, young men have all those young hormones racing around inside them while Old Knudsen had his nerves surgically removed when he was having his annual scrotum tuck 4 years ago. Three blokes with AK-47's and I'm all out of ammo. A young man might panic but Old Knudsen would use his combat knife to sharpen a stick and attack them with it or maybe swifty fashion a bow and arrow using his own hair for the arrow flights. Old Knudsen kicks panic's pan in.     

Young men are all about carrying big packs for 50 miles in 20 minutes to prove how tough they are, Old Knudsen doesn't need proof so he'll take a taxi into battle if you don't mind and since he can't even spell retreet he won't be doing it. Endurance course? I've watched the 3 Lord of the rings movies, I've seen some shit.

Do you know why it only took a few days to kick Saddam out of Kuwait? Cos they woke Old Knudsen early and made him miss his nap. They had to stop me from taking heads, a cranky Old Knudsen is a dangerous Old Knudsen and I don't do mornings. The Falklands war caused some jip on me knee with yon cold and wet weather and I am ashamed to say I did take it out on the enemy which is why they haven't invaded since. 
A young man would shout, stamp his feet and sulk. Ach away an sit in yon corner an play with yerself little boy.

Young men are usually not very self aware and don't have a sense of perspective, they think they're invincible and so might do acts that seem like bravery and often die doing them.  

Old Knudsen is more careful and knows what a loss his death would be to the werld. He wouldn't waste all that training and experience dying in a war, he has more respect for his employers and for the ladies who would join convents or become leezers should Old Knudsen cark it. Playing dead to fight another day is a military tactic used by the likes of Alexander the great and Jesus so it's good enough for Old Knudsen.

Young men might be able to bench press 400 LBS but there are no benches in battle. Old Knudsen has old man strength and his hands are like steel clamps from years of having to open  fool child proof medicine bottles. Old Knudsen would grab yer nuts, crush them and sprinkle them onto of his ice cream. His metal hips means that he can fall in any environment and still get up. He doesn't need to know where he is or who he is those details cut doon yer reaction time. During operation 'Early bird' I had the Russian Spetsnaz begging for mercy, no idea how I ended up in Russia when I was dropped off in Columbia to fight the rebels but I call that a win.  

Just leave young men to play their video games and maybe put something in their tea to cut doon on yon erections, that'll stop the violence somewhat and leave the fighting and liberating to the geezers. 


Friday, 2 October 2015

Shooting Sprees Are The American Way

Chris Harper Mercer was a 26 year-old student. He was of mixed race, he liked Nazis and the IRA, loved guns, was a Conservative but hated organised religion. One of his profiles had him down as being spiritual and into the left-hand path which is Paganism. It wouldn't surprise me if he was a Wiccan as they are usually failed Christians full of issues and sexual abuse.  

He shot 9 people and himself at a community college. It is unclear why except someone said he asked the religion of people and shot Christians. He was also an admired of yon asshole Bryce Williams who gunned down the reporter and cameraman in Virginia not too long ago.Williams in turn admired the shooters at Columbine High School and at Virginia Tech.  It's like a virus of admiration.

I don't get it, why or how could you admire wankers like that? I can't even recall their names, I'd have to look it up. Two dickheads in long coats and an angry Asian dude. I had to look up Bryce Williams. What kind of life must you have to have cowardly losers as yer heroes?   

 Eternal virgin achievement unlocked.

The shooters, Nazis and IRA are all anti-establishment, all bullies and losers, similar to ISIS. The shooters might talk about fame but 2 weeks worth of news and popping up when someone else goes nuts isn't very much fame. These young males on the fringes of society who probably aren't good with people and have felt powerless and insignificant did something bold and people had to take notice. Just look at Dylann Roof, you just know he did the shooting so he would lose his virginity in prison. 

Many socially inept people do not go and shoot unarmed people in order to be the big man so these shooters must have something else lacking in their heads, possibly a break from reality. Maybe they do it to get onto my blog. How will the dead ones know if they made it or not?

 In my defense I thought he was a famous singer.

Charles Manson wanted to start a race war just like Roof had wanted and Elliot Rodger wanted to teach weemen who spurned and would potentially spurn him a lesson. All these asswipes didn't get any of their goals met. There is only 13% of black people in the US, why are white supremacists so threatened? Yeah you go and take yer cuntry back from the um 13% ..... you morons!

 Girl power!

I just watched a program about the KKK in Alabama and they were screaming "White power" and the blacks were screaming, "Black power" I just wanted to go and scream "Turtle power" though I doubt they would have laughed. Both sides as bad as each other. Niggers, Crackers, Blue eyed devils oh whatever. 

The only thing that spree shooters achieve is increasing gun sales. It is in the NRA's interest to have shootings. Every rumour of guns getting banned by Obama also increases gun sales. Makes you wonder just how much of the hatred is manufactured in order to sell guns. Keep the population in fear to sell weapons, destabilize the Middle East to sell weapons. If you didn't have a gun free for all would the NRA have such power over Congress? 

The use of fear to build business isn't a new thing, the Nazis did it in the 1930's. In the 1980's a disease that was difficult to catch but could be blamed on a minority group got the CDC the funding and growth it needed, now every now and again a disease pops up and the CDC gets consulted. 

In 2001 the intelligence agencies in the US were constantly facing cuts and then after a single attack which infected the people with fear Homeland security was created and the NSA got more funding as did FEMA and numerous other ABC agencies. It was only just recently that the NSA and the CIA had to clear drone strikes with the president, such power and resources at their disposal. 

During the stock market crash financial consultants became much sought after as have climate scientists. Fuck cancer research, something might happen in 200 odd years but these issues can get votes and people into power. 

I doubt there is a conspiracy with young males going on sprees in order to sell guns but you can certainly see how they are being pushed towards doing it and enabled by the easy access to guns which do make killing others a lot easier. Guns don't kill people but they do make it far more easy.     



Thursday, 1 October 2015

When Your Number Is Up

UAV's (unmanned aerial vehicle) come in different sizes but they are usually used for either spying or killing. When Old Knudsen was fighting to liberate the sand savages he used a wee UAV he had picked up at Radio Shack that would fly into bathrooms and bedrooms (other rooms too of course) and send us pictures of what the people were doing. It was better than looking through their windows .... sometimes we'd even use them when we were on duty.

When we saw a male of fighting age or some other suspected insurgent we'd go and liberate the fuck out of them with extreme prejudice. War is a nasty business and not always fun.

The NSA used my wicked awesome skills at Call of Duty and GTA for their drone program, it isn't as much fun as seeing a possible female insurgent taking her morning dump but the pay was better.

    They all look the same to me lol! 

With cell phones being in almost every pocket or hand across the werld the NSA have grown to rely on using them to track targets. Of course the sand savage likes to mix things up and swap sim cards like swingers swapping car keys at a party.

Ever wonder why Middle Eastern weddings keep getting attacked by air strikes? With no intel on the ground the targets are generally tracked by their phones. In Yemen 130 people were killed when death from above hit their wedding party. The Saudi-led coalition deny they were behind the attack so I guess then that no one did it ... even though they have been bombing the rebels for the past 6 months. The Saudi government are lying snakes as much as the US and UK governments are. 130 people, that's a serious my big fat terrorist wedding ..... except they were rebels, not terrorists. 

Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi the president of Yemen fled to Saudi Arabia and called for the rebels to be bombed which the Saudi government kindly did. 2,355 civilians have been killed there since March ... does anyone care? 

Assad in Syria is often condemned for bombing his own people but I suppose the rules are different for those supposedly on our side. 

It has been estimated that 2,464 have been killed by drones during the Obama administration, now when Obama clears a drone target they need 2 pieces of intel to greenlight it, the problem is that the NSA is the only one with the intel so they have to be creative. So much power to just wipe out people with button and not face any consequences for doing it. Obama has realised that he is pretty good at it.

Once a target is cleared for a hit, that authorization is valid for 60 days as long as they continue to be able to track them, or in other words track their phone. It's not like the movies in which Harrison Ford can see tits from an IRA terrorist sitting in the desert, times have moved on.     

 I'd better delete this one, I don't want it biting me on the ass later. 

When Hilary is president she'll continue on with the fine drone work started by GW Bush so she can make more glib comments like, "We came, we saw, he died."  

So you have numerous sim cards belonging to one person, they may also lend their phones to friends or family members so the chances of hitting a civilian is pretty high but I ask again ... does anyone care? We just assume the intelligence agencies know their job so we turn a blind eye.

Some anonymous kid in Yemen who we'll never even see a picture of isn't the same as toddlers washing up on beaches. Lets blame the parents anyways for being one or knowing a rebel. Children who die for the alleged sins of the parents. 
Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi was the only candidate for the presidency in 2012 so I'm sure it's clear as mud who the bad guys are in that civil war are who the US and the Saudis have been manipulating for years. 

When we launch a hellcat missile at a target the only thing that is certain is that it's the right phone or sim card, anyone can be holding it. Some drones have a virtual base-tower transceiver which is like a fake cell tower. The target's phone call locks onto the fake tower without them knowing and they can be tracked within 30 feet of their phone, great for night attacks and 30 feet is like a house, not our fault that other people might be there. 

We don't have ground assets in places like Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia so targets are assessed on the cell phone geolocation system. 

The CIA from their base in Oman have been able to map nearly every Wi-Fi fingerprint in Yemen during a 6 month mission, easy huh and not likely to be discovered. If they are doing that there then I suggest you look to the skies over yer home, not that you'll see or hear a drone.  

It says it all that in 2009 (when geolocation really took off) that more US Air Force pilots were trained to fly drones than conventional aircraft. 

The face of war has changed, soon armies will be reduced to teams of drone pilots and maybe 300 special forces troops like SEAL Team 6 backed up by 2,000 support personnel. Boots on the ground would be for specialist kill or capture missions and will be sold to the public by saying it is saving lives by not having military personnel in harms way .... we fight them there so they don't come here, does anyone still believe that shit? 

Do the constitutional rights of US citizens still count if they are in another cuntry and the president wants them dead? ask Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan about that, oh that's right you can't. I don't recall their day in court strangely enough.

Be careful who you press the big red easy button of death on cos one day they themselves may be given a button too.


Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Keep Taking The Tablets

So one day when I was up mount Sinai looking for remnants of Noah's Ark which turned out to not be on mount Ararat instead believe it or not when I found this stone block. I considered breaking it up and selling it to the Orangemen to throw during the annual 12th July riots cos they'd be into Holy land rocks being the lost tribe and all but then I saw some scratchings on it.

It was in the ancient language of the Angels called Enochian and sure my angel talk was a little rusty but it seemed like it was one of the original stone tablets as given to Moses. 

I didn't trust that fella, when he came doon off yon mountain with those tablets, slagging off my false idols telling me to take my dick out of yon dead pig because pigs are unclean or something stupid and I said, "That's what God gave you ..... seriously?" It was written in bog standard Aramaic with a Chaldeean accent, it had 'You shall not steel' for fucks sake. Besides the spelling (bronze age, what the fuck is steel?) it's kinda fucking obvious, oh don't murder either ... gee thanks for the tip I was just about to slay a Philistine hobo while doing a bit of coveting just for the lolz. Some people have to be told to not steal or kill? what morons.  

This other tablet told of the meaning of life and really got into the 'thou shall not be a dick' thing and to use yer common sense silly humans. No raping weemen or molesting children and everyone is equal, not just in lip service like the US constitution. No lobbing off baby foreskins, God believes in free will for fucks sake and that is robbing the child of his. The gist of it was to do what makes you happy as long as you aren't harming anyone .... the Christians weren't going to like this one bit. 

I went straight back to my hotel and had a wank. I had been planning on one all day and finally got some peace, then I e-mailed an antiquity professor Billy one ear about my find, the wank was nothing to write home about so I didn't tell him. Billy chastised me for contacting him on an unsecured channel and told me to get out of my hotel before THEY turned up, then there was a knock at the door.

I wondered what Billy had meant so I put it to the back of my mind to think about it for later and opened the door. A gun was pointed at my face.
Ohhh is that the new Glock? I inquired, he spoke in broken English, "I don't know name, just the sound it make when it keels" fair enough I thought.

I used my training to suss out the situation, he had the upper hand so I pretended to be afraid and raised my hands begging for my life, "where is tablet?" he asked rudely interrupting my ploy, "in my case, there are loads of tablets, get ya high for a week" I squeezed out some tears and soiled myself for effect.

With my hands raised the distance to grab the gun was shortened. I grabbed it, twisting it against his thumb and making him release it, thumbs have limits and are a weakness if manipulated right. I turned the gun on him and BAM!  After I shouted 'bam' I shot him in the face 3 times then I shouted, "WHO SENT YOU?"

Looking back I probably didn't need to soil myself and maybe I should have asked him before I shot him.

I had to get the tablet to safety before THEY returned, I pushed it into my case but with all the other tablets there wasn't any room so obviously I had to doon a load of pills in order to make room. After 12 hours of some amazing strobing lights I could finally feel my face again. The stone tablet and the dead body had gone and I didn't notice a thing, must have been the angels coming back for their stuff, some things are too dangerous for humanity I suppose.   

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Turning Girls Into Men

Men and women are totally different. While men enjoy hunting, fishing and golf, weemen enjoy having babies, doing the dishes and cleaning the hoose. 

That is a load of bollocks .... no one enjoys golf. I myself once played a round with the boys but got stuck in a bit of rough. I only tried it cos the fashions made them look so cool. 

Men and women are oddly very similar, same mental issues and needs as each other but depending on the environment in which they were raised or how their thought process came to be formed they may express themselves differently. 
Nature has made man more aggressive and stronger than females though many females can be just as aggressive given the right stimulus and fuck being strong, anyone with gumption uses tools as an equalizer. 

I look at the world and at the people in power and it seems to me that many are hold outs for the whole them and us status quo. The lines have become blurred and the battle is between those who can form opinions and those who seek their opinions elsewhere or just go with whatever they have always known. So many folks not being honest with themselves. 

Ever since the 70's the small town of Wolf Creek in the Dominican Republic has had a secret. No wolves or a creek, I don't know the name of the town to be honest. The small community has been a medical wonder as it produces Guevedoces this translates as 'getting your penis at 12'.

There have been several children who were born female but at 12 they develop cocks. All their early lives they are put into dresses and raised doing gurly stuff. Many don't like doing girl things but since they are indeed girls they get the easy bake ovens instead of the Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas.

At 12 they start to develop more chest muscles and some balls and a wab then all of a sudden Caitlyn becomes Bruce. These children have also been found in some villages in Papua New Guinea too.

 Nothing to do with the story, it just looks awful. 

We all know that in the first few weeks of life in the womb you are neither male or female. At 8 weeks you then get yer pair of X chromosomes for female or XY for male. Some say that males are females gone wrong with a leg missing from their chromosome but I say we are the next evolution of weemen and once we create a sex bot that can make a cup of tea we'll ...... er ok, I don't think I should tell you about that just yet.

The XY sproggs get a dose of dihydro-testosterone in the womb which turns their glands into pillars and stones but if they don't get that hormone that have a twat.
These kids seem to be deficient in an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase, which converts testosterone into dihydro-testosterone.

I think that this is amazing as it breaks down the self imposed barriers we've put up between the sexes. At the time of puberty (around the age of 12)  the boys get second surge of testosterone which does the job of making a dick, nuts and some manly muscles. This does fuck the kids up at times as they can be bullied and have to change their name .... as usual it's problems caused by others and what they perceive to be the norms of society.

All those poor pedos who have to go into therapy when they find out they are not just child molesters but ghey too .... the silent victims huh.  

Some do want to remain females and have the operation. I do question why though. Are they sacrificing themselves for an easier life or is it just what they are used to?
Almost of the all of the Guevedoces showed strong heterosexual preferences so nature wins over nurture in that respect.

You are born with your default preferences.  

Monday, 28 September 2015

No World Today

If Christianity is correct then today is the end of the world so no one will be reading this. I say 'Christianity' because it does tend to make up a load of bullshit without evidence and promotes it as fact ... The kind of stuff I never do.
Did you know that Jimmy Savile, the ex-mayor of London had the minivan that he molested 200 children in blessed by the Pope when John Paul II was giving him his papal knighthood? .... true story bro.

Or is it?

I doubt the world has ended just as much as I doubt anything else from organized religion but I support yer right to be fooled by it, we all want to feel special. Look within yerself for the truth rather than to external lies from others.


Jeremy Corbyn Leaves ISIS

Jeremy Corbyn recently resigned as chairman of the Stop The War Coalition saying that he had to step down in a number of roles after becoming famous as the new leader of the Labour party.

He has also stepped down the Tree huggers against the military group and the Give Ireland back to the Paddys association. He will remain as the PR representative of Hamas UK and will continue writing his weekly column in Hezbollah News.

One surprise move was when he stepped down as deputy chairman of ISIS. As you know ISIS are the brave freedom fighters who are defending their land from infidel invaders, journalists and aid workers. They have been much maligned in the press for just being Muslim. Corbyn has been trying to help them over come the prejudices of the great western crusader war machine and the Zionist puppet masters.

Obviously the west has left them no choice but to fight to defend their oil and freedoms, they are the real victims here.

Corbyn believes that if the UK scraps its nukes and abolishes its military then the rest of the world will respect them and follow suit thus achieving world peace. Much like how Ukraine scrapped its nukes and then was invaded by Russia .... no, that's a bad example. Madagascar doesn't have nukes and no one has ever invaded them.

He also believes that everyone should grow a beard, marry at least 3 times and ride a bicycle. He will also help the British population by banning smoking and drinking and will introduce the vegan lifestyle should he ever become Prime Minister. He promoted vegan Kerry McCarthy to be in charge of farming and agriculture, she has said, "I really believe that meat should be treated in exactly the same way as tobacco, with public campaigns to stop people eating it." 

Soon you'll see meat eaters forced to eat meat at tables outside restaurants and standing in shop doorways scoffing a burger before having to go inside, there will be laws about eating a drumstick in yer car if you have kids inside and of course the price of meat will go up even more with pictures of dead animals on the packaging.

He will take religion out of the school curriculum and replace it with political pamphlet making classes. Rapists and Pedos who are victims of society will be given therapy rather than prison, a little kindness and respect goes a long way. 

Luckily not even the British public are stupid enough to vote in an anti-bacon candidate into number 10. They'll turn a blind eye to his anti-monarchy sentiments and his close ties with the IRA and Hamas but bacon is serious. Old Knudsen has shived people in the exercise yard over bacon.   

David Cameron fucked a dead pig's head, he is the leader we need and deserve. If Corbyn ever fucks a packet of rashers he may very well get into number 10, if there is video of it he might even rule the world.

Another politician has stepped down from an important Middle East job. Senator John McCain, the man who became a hero for getting shot down and held prisoner during Nam has left his role as Chairman of the Free Syrian Army training corp. He cited being too busy pushing Navajo off their land for the mining rights back in his home of Arizona to train a bunch of yahoos that stood no chance of winning.

How the fuck is a guy who picks up a gun and beheads what ISIS fighters they capture a moderate anyways? Oh he's just a little bit of a fanatic lets fund him.

US trained Syrian rebels just recently gave six pick-up trucks and a load of their ammunition and their lunch money to the al-Nusra Front this week in exchange for safe passage. That's 25% of the equipment the brave American tax payer gave them. $500 million was given to train 5,000 rebels though the first 54 who graduated were chased away by the nasty al-Nusra front.

The US had the same problem in Iraq, stop training troops to be pussies for fucks sake. Let the Yamam or NAVSOG train them, they're tough vicious cunts, even the Australian SASR would be better. 

Al-Nusra are the Syrian group linked with al-Qaeda but the head of the Free Syrian Forces said that they promised them not to drive the trucks into any American buildings. 

McCain has denounced al-Nursra as bullies and thugs and certainly not 'our' kind of radical, he did pour some praise on the Kurds in Syria .... but not the Kurds In Iraq as he didn't want to upset Turkey. 


Friday, 25 September 2015

Popular Cult Leaders

When the Pope isn't slut shaming women who have had abortions he is out there doing some PR. The Vatican has found that this Pope can be a serial killer if he wanted as long as he says some vague progressive things and smiled a bit. Yes people really are that gullible because the Pope is supposed to be good right?

Religion isn't fact based so those who get moist over the Pope can be compared to a chick who dates bad boys and wonders why he treats her like shit. I'll save your soul honey, as long as you submit to my will which is obviously the will of God because the smoke monster said so in 2013.  You worship because of your issues, not because it's true. If it's true show me some evidence. A leap of faith might work for a child at Christmas who has to sleep or Santa won't come but not for adults.

Amongst all the people invited to the White House were some LGBT Catholics, there have been those who have blasted this because well the Pope and his church don't like them and have snubbed them where ever possible. He has had a long time stance against same sex marriage even as a Cardinal in Argentina and has said it's a "destructive pretension against the plan of God" .... God has a Plan? he has also defined marriage as being between a man and a woman and that is the environment in which children should be raised.
Yes the hate is strong but since every other Pope is the same then what can you expect? I don't see anything wrong with inviting gheys to the White House, he has to meet them sometime and I'm sure his handlers kept them at bay so he wasn't infected with aids or gheyness.   

I was always told that Catholics had horns but no, Muslims do too.

Once difference is that the Pope thinks those born out of wedlock should be baptized (we need the souls) and single moms should be helped by the church ... like the Magdalene laundrys perhaps. Keep them in their place and make sure they know just how full of sin they are, as the father of the child gets a free pass of course.

Ach they just want more children to molest. The Pope complimented the American Bishops on staying strong throughout the child abuse scandals .... all 17,200 of them. He said they had showed courage and great sacrifice during a very difficult time.

Of course he didn't apologise to the victims, it was all their fault anyways. While as a cardinal in Argentina he obstructed and slowed any claims of abuse and with 42 pedo priests there, Bergoglio/Francis merely denied there were any in his diocese. (the largest diocese in Argentina) He was all for the church taking care of it rather than informing the police so you wouldn't have heard of most of it. Threats, gag orders and moving the priests to Rome, he also refused to meet with victims or their parents ....  so yeah, he's a nice bloke.

Old Knudsen doesn't do the stick and the carrot abuse thing very well as he tends to only remember the abuse. Nasty people can pretend to be nice but it's more difficult for nice people to pretend to be nasty. That is why the Pope does not fool me anymore than Donald Trump would. I understand people.

You don't vote for the GOP or even the DUP if you support equality and are a well rounded person for fucks sake. If the Vatican changes policy it won't be because it follows the teaching of love from Jesus, it's because it suits them or they were forced to.

Another cult leader who has the masses fooled is the Dalai Lama. He went from being a pampered god with servants who were more like slaves to become the #1 photo op for A- list celebs when the Chinese invaded Tibet and he bravely fled. He sits at the top of his social pyramid in a position of great privilege. At an estimated fortune of around $22 million he sure likes to promote peace and harmony without all the trappings of a modern life.

The Pope also champions against poverty from an ivory tower too.

Will the Dalai Lama reincarnate when he dies? Of course he will, the rest of the monks gotta eat ya know. Will China find and appoint a new Lama? .... ah when politics and religion clash then suddenly the magic goes. Like UFO's and moving Mary statues with the introduction of camera phones.

The Lama was asked if a woman could be the next Lama and he said yes, as long as she was attractive. He then assured the interviewer that he wasn't joking.

It seems that women have more compassion than men and so they are better suited to being Lama, he also said that she had to have a nice rack so his former self can play with them all day.

Pope Francis was asked if the next Pope could be a woman, he hasn't stopped laughing yet to reply.